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Poker Heat Red Attack

Poker Heat Red attack is a new and interesting way to play poker. Note there is also a similar mode called Black Attack. Both are the same game mode though but with different colored cards.

Poker Heat Red Attack

How to play Poker Heat Red Attack

In Poker Heat Red Attack the deck of cards only has diamonds and the hearts. This greatly changes how the game plays.

  • Much easier to get a flush.
  • Making three of a kind, full house, and four of a kind are impossible.
  • Straights are much harder to get with half the outs.

Knowing these two pieces of information allows us to create a plan to win chips.

Poker Heat Red Attack Table


Poker Heat Red Attack Preflop

The Goal of Red Attack Is to Make a Flush

Poker Heat Red Attack is a game of flushes. Sure you will make other hands, but a flush is the only hand that matters. In this game, mode pairs might as well be air/nothing. Never call a bet with them. Never bet a pair.

The goal is to make a strong flush and win as many chips as possible with it. Thus we adjust our preflop play with this goal in mind.

  1. Play ace suited and king suited hands.
  2. Bet and raise with Ace suited hands.
  3. Play some suited connector hands in position.
  4. Fold everything else.

Only Play Strong Hands Preflop

You should play any ace or king suited hand. By playing towards the two best flushes, you can make give yourself good odds to win postflop.

Suited Connectors May Be Helpful

I recommend playing some suited connector hands. For example QJ, JT. I know I said only play ace and king hands but in position, it doesn’t hurt to see the flop if nobody bets.

The odds of making a straight flush are still very low but if you can see the flop for cheap might as well do it. I will play a hand like this on the button or the set before it.

Position Is Not As Important

Position doesn’t matter too much in Poker Heat Red Attack. I would play an ace or king suited hand in any position. If you make a flush being first to act will not change too much.

Fold All Other Hands

Other Hands Are Not Worth Playing

Outside of ace and king, high suited hands and some suited connectors fold everything else. Why? Because we are only playing to win. All other hands will often lead to losing postflop and playing them is wasting chips.

Pairs Are Terrible Hands in Red Attack

Playing a pair is a huge mistake in this game mode. There are only two suites in the deck. Your hand will never improve to anything else, other than a straight or a flush. You might make a two pair I suppose, but that will lose too often anyway.

Poker Heat Red Attack Postflop Strategy

Single Card to a Flush

If on the flop you have a single out to a flush bet or call a bet. I have Ah7h (hearts), and the flop is 4h8h2h. Chances are very high you make a hand on the turn. The other player will be smart and give up or keep calling and betting.

Two Cards to Make a Flush

If on the flop you need two suited cards to make a flush you need to be more careful. I have Ah7h (hearts), and the flop is 4d8h2h.

Don’t Call a Huge Bet

We may make it by the river but do not call a big bet to find out. I will call a smaller sized bet and if the turn gives me the suite I need I go back to calling almost anything to see the river. If the turn is the suit I do not need, I give up in the and fold to anybody. There is no point in calling a hand I will not win.

Be Cautious With Two Card to Make a Flush

If you need two cards to make a flush I recommend playing even more cautious. I have Ah7h (hearts), and the flop is 4d8d2h.

We would need to make the right card on the turn and river. I would fold to most bets outside of a single or two blind bet. I see those bets as too low to bother folding. If I miss the turn, I give up and fold. The hand is a losing hand now. If I make the turn, I still need to make the river as well. I will call most bets to see it.

How to Play Weaker Draws

If you have a king or lower draw we need to be careful. Other players will have the ace high draw more than you think. I have Kh7h (hearts), and the flop is 4d8d2h.

If the turn card gives me a flush, but it is not an ace of hearts I need to be cautious. We can not know if another player beats here or not. If I have seen a player beat weaker flushes, I will consider calling. But if somebody bets big or goes all in here, I fold. This is too risky of a call to make.

Bet Big If Hand Is the Nuts After All

Now if the turn is the ace of hearts, then we play our hand like it is the nuts. Assuming there is no chance of a straight flush on the board we are going to win. In that case, bet big and consider going all in. Some people are willing to lose with second best or worse. Punish for playing like that by winning their chips.

Fold Weak Flushes

With all other weaker hands chances are I fold to almost every bet. The odds of still having the nuts postflop becomes much harder. So if you make a queen or jack high flush don’t get too excited. Sadly it probably is a losing hand.

The only way I would call a bet of any size is if I see a player who bets all hands even losing ones. But this is very player specific, and most people are not going to do this.

Straight Flush Draws Can Be Interesting

If you have a suited connector and you have a straight flush draw on the flop, we may want to see more cards. I have 5h6h (hearts), and the flop is 3h4h9d.

But They Are Rare

Do not get too excited though. Straight flushes are still very precious hands. But If I have only one card to a straight flush, I will call a moderately sized bet to see if I make it.

Bet Huge With a Straight Flush

The reason being is if I do make a straight flush I will probably win a huge hand. If somebody has an ace high flush, they will probably not fold most of the time. This is the perfect chance to go all in and potentially win a huge pot.

See Cards Cheaply

But if by the turn I no longer have a straight flush draw I will fold. I have 5h6h (hearts), and the flop is 3h6d9d. If the turn is not 2h or 4h, I give up.

I will play a straight flush as a hand I want to see through cheaply. So if things get expensive or it is not working out, I will fold.

Fold All Other Hands

Lastly, for any other type of hand fold to any bet. It is never worth it to call a bet with a pair, two pairs or straight no matter how strong they look. Poker Heat Red Attack is the wrong mode to make these kinds of plays.

Common Mistakes People Make in Poker Heat Red Attack

  • Playing any two cards preflop.
  • Calling bets with draws and weaker flushes postflop.
  • Calling with pairs and other losing hands.
  • Not being mindful of straight flushes.

Final Thoughts

Like with other Poker Heat extra game modes some people will know what they are doing and be hard to beat. But there is enough fish and people playing for “fun” as losing players like to say that you will win chips.

Keep in mind my advice, and you will be almost impossible to beat and win many chips. I often place higher and move in leagues when events like this happen.


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