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Open Sudoku Review

Open Sudoku review featured image.

Review Information

Open Sudoku is an open-source app version of the popular number solving game.

I have had this app for a few years. I solved a few puzzles before the review to remind myself of what the app is like. I played this game on my LG V20 Android smartphone.

Open Sudoku
Open Sudoku
Developer: Moire
Price: Free

What Is F-Droid?

F-Droid is an application and service that allows people to publish open-source applications. 

Open-source applications are almost always free. Free as in anyone can use the code to make their own version, and free as in it costs nothing to use.

I like using F-Droid, and I recommend it. It is not quite as convenient as Google Play. But I love using open-source applications, so I think the learning curve to use this app was worth it.

Open Sudoku
Open Sudoku
Price: Free
The F-Droid app icon.
Icon picture taken from the F-Droid website.

Gameplay Review

What Is Sudoku?

Sudoku is a game about filling in a grid of nine squares with numbers. Each row, column, and box needs to have the numbers one – nine filled in. But only once. A true Sudoku puzzle only has one solution.

The difficulty in Sudoku is trying to figure out where these numbers go with the limited information you receive at the start of the game. Some cells (spots in boxes for the numbers) being filled in for you.

Open Sudoku Main menu. Multiple difficulties are visible.
Screenshot of Open Sudoku Android game.

How Is Open Sudoku as a Sudoku Game?

Open Sudoku is a great version of the game. It has puzzles that have one solution and should not require guessing. They can be solved with logic. There are hundreds of puzzles for you to play, and you can download more if necessary.

A menu of easy Open Sudoku levels.
Screenshot of Open Sudoku Android game.

There are also plenty of options you can configure. There are several input options you can use.

You can set the game to auto fill and remove notes for you. You can also set the game to show when you made an error. This is very useful when you are still learning to play.

The game also has a checkpoint system. This is very useful on the harder puzzles when you want to test something and see the results.

Presentation Review

Sudoku is a game about staring at boxes of numbers. I suppose the game could have used a more flashy theme or style, but I like the simplistic look the game has. It lets me focus on solving the puzzles.

I like the dark theme as well, and I try to have as many apps as possible with dark themes.

The game does not have any sounds other than tapping. I am not annoyed at this, though, as Sudoku doesn’t need noises.

A completed Sudoku puzzle.
Screenshot of Open Sudoku Android game.

Other Review Information

There is nothing to buy in this game, and there are also no annoyances.

Overall Thoughts on Open Sudoku

Open Sudoku is great, and I love that it lets you play the game without any interruptions. I love the simple design.

Do I Recommend Open Sudoku?

If you don’t mind needing to download extra puzzles, then yes. This is the Sudoku game I would recommend people.

Will I Play Open Sudoku After Reviewing It?

I am not right now. But in the future I will.