Mirrors Review Introduction

Why Did I Play Mirrors?

The developer of the game Mirrors contacted me. They asked me to write about the game so my blog viewers can learn about it. I decided to write a review of the game as I wanted to see how good the game it is. I also wanted to help new developers by writing about their games.

Here it the Google Play link.

How Did I Review Mirrors?

I played the game for about a week, and I played the game until level 16 in World One. I played this game on my LG V20 Android smartphone as I do for most reviews.

What kind of game is Mirrors?

Mirrors is a game about connecting dots and solving puzzles. I will explain more in the gameplay review section.

The world 1 screen has 16 levels

Gameplay Review

The Game Controls

Overall the controls were great, and I had no complaints. At first, I thought I was having issues with the controls, but it turned out I did not know what I was doing.

You have to connect the dots on both screens so sometimes one screen will be missing dots the other screen has. So the game will stop you from drawing there. It took me a bit of time to figure this out, but I don’t blame the game for this.

The Puzzles

Each puzzle has dots on them. You need to connect the dots starting from one dot and ending on a specific dot. This sounds easy, but the game is not actually.

What makes Mirrors hard is you need to solve the puzzle on two different screens at the same time. You need to mirror your solution, and that is where the game’s name comes from.

At first, the puzzles were not too bad, but they quickly became quite difficult. Well, they were hard for me. I had a very hard time solving some of these puzzles. I couldn’t even beat all of the puzzles in world one.

Perhaps this kind of puzzles is not for me. Or maybe I needed to more time thinking about things.

The puzzles looked nice, and I feel like a lot of effort was put into them. I could not get to world two, so I am not sure if the game introduces anything major in these puzzles. But I am going to assume things get harder.

Victory screen with 3 yellow stars

I Think the Game Could Use Some Hints

Right now in Mirrors, you can get extra moves in exchange for only beating levels with one star. I found this did not really help me too much. As my issue was not running out of moves but just not knowing the path I needed to take.

I wonder if there could be some way to provide hints without giving the whole answer. Maybe show of the connections necessary to beat the level.

I know this is hard for developers sometimes as they want the game to be hard and challenging. But at the same time keep mind the people like me who get stuck on one level for like half a day.

You can watch an ad to get 5 extra moves in Mirrors

Presentation Factor Review

Mirrors has a very simple style art style, and the game is made up of simple shapes like circles and lines. This style looks nice though so it works for me. I don’t have much to say about it though.

The one thing that would have been nice is for the game to have music or more sounds. I know not every Android game needs an amazing soundtrack, but I love video game music and sounds a lot!

This is a heavy personal bias, but sometimes music and game sounds make or breaks games for me. I can tell you who my favorite video game music composers are by name and what games they composed music for.

The sounds were OK, and there was nothing odd or that sounded weird. I tend to feel petty neutral about most sounds in video games having played so many. Unless a game has sounds that like get me mega-hyped my reaction is mostly “It is OK”.

I probably set the bar for good sound and music higher than most people though.

The world 1 screen in Mirrors has 16 levels

Spending Factor Review

The only thing available to purchase in the game is the option to remove ads, and the price was OK.

Mirrors Premium costs $1 USD and this removes ads

Annoyance Factor Review

There was the option to pay to remove ads, but I never saw any ads anyway. Maybe this is something the developer is working on or something? All I can say is the version I downloaded and played never once showed an ad.

The game did not have any annoyances that I could see. There was no lives or timers or anything like that. Nothing locks you out of new levels other than needing to beat them all.

I wonder if the developer plans to make money in some future somehow. I hope they compromise and find a solution that doesn’t annoy the player if they do. But for now, Mirrors is what I wish more mobile games could be like.

Overall Thoughts on Mirrors

Mirrors was a challenging and somewhat fun puzzle game. The game looks and sounds OK, and there are no issues I had with the game other than how hard the game was.

A 3 star review

Will I Continue to Play Mirrors After This Review?

I will not play Mirrors after this review. I tend to favor familiarity over new things when it comes to puzzle games.

Do I Recommend People Play Mirrors?

Yes. I would recommend Mirrors to some people. If you don’t mind harder puzzles, then you may enjoy the game. Just keep mind the overall level of puzzles is somewhat low.

If you want to play a game that lets you have fun without roadblocks, or extra lives or anything like that then Mirrors is an option.