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Minesweeper Collector Review

The Minesweeper Collector review featured image.

Don’t Explode!

Game Review Information

Minesweeper Collector is a version of the popular puzzle game Minesweeper.

I have played this game for quite a while. I play the single player levels often, and I used to play the multiplayer stuff a lot.

I play the game on my LG V20. At the time of the review I was on Episode 6: To The Knight.

Minesweeper: Collector
Minesweeper: Collector

Gameplay Review

How to Play Minesweeper

The game spawns a minefield. You need to tap on blocks and use the numbers you see to find the mines. Each number you see shows how mines are connected to that number.

The game ends when you tap on every empty block or mark every mine.

There Are Two Ways to Play Minesweeper in This Game

There is the traditional square-based grid version of the game. There are also hexagon levels. These levels are a nice change of pace.

The Single Player Game Modes

Minesweeper Classic

This game has the standard Minesweeper most people will recognize. This is the Minesweeper Classic option.

Minesweeper Classic works great, and it is a fun and quick way to play the game. I don’t play this mode as much. I enjoy playing the collector levels more as you get to unlock new things.

Episodes and Collections

This is the where Minesweeper Collector shines. Each episode has a theme, and each theme has multiple objects in it. These objects become the levels you play, and you collect them when you beat these levels.

You unlock new episodes when you get keys by collecting every object in each episode.

The collection levels introduce powerups you can use to make levels easier. These are often scrolls you can use to mark mines or open empty space in the game area.

I don’t use these hint items much myself as I don’t think they are needed. But they are a nice way to help new players figure things out.

Overall I like collecting the objects and it is a fresh and new way to play Minesweeper.

If this game was just classic mode that would be OK. But by creating a new and interesting game mode this developer has made sure this game is above average and very fun.

There Are Levels You Play to Unlock Pets

You can also unlock pets. You do this by beating groups of specific levels. These levels are very hard, and you do not get any second chances.

I spent most of my coins beating these levels as having pets makes the collection levels much easier.

Once you do unlock pets, they start to show up collector levels. When you tap on pets, they have certain actions that can do for. They can help you beat levels by marking mines or opening up spaces for you.

The Minesweeper Collector pets screen.
Screenshot of Minesweeper: Collector Android game.

There Even More Levels in Addition to Collections

In addition to the collections, there is also a group of extra levels for you to play. You there is even more content after finishing all the collections.

I have not spent much time playing these levels as I mostly spend time playing the collection levels, but I appreciate that there are options.

Minesweeper Collector extra levels. Unknown characters with question marks are visible.
Screenshot of Minesweeper: Collector Android game.

Minesweeper Collector Has Multiplayer

Minesweeper Collector has multiplayer levels. You might be thinking the same thing I did when I first saw this. How can you play multiplayer in Minesweeper?

Well, it turns out it is very possible and very fun. I don’t play these levels much anymore because they are time-consuming and require a lot of activity to do well in them.

This is the same Minesweeper game but with a few changes. The levels are massive. There are thousands of mines to mark and find. There is no way one person can solve these levels alone.

You mark points and try to place higher on leaderboards to level up skills. You also find and collect gems. These gems can also be leveled up.

I enjoyed playing the multiplayer levels a lot. They are effectively endless Minesweeper. It was fun to find gems and level them up. I also liked the progression in that you can unlock and level up skills.

This mode is a bit of a time sink, though, as it takes a lot of time to progress.

The Minesweeper Collector multiplayer menu screen.
Screenshot of Minesweeper: Collector Android game.

Presentation Review

Minesweeper Collector has a retro art style, and it looks good. The artwork for the collections looks great, and I can tell some time and effort went into making it.

A Minesweeper Collector level. Mines are marked, and there are unmarked squares.
Screenshot of Minesweeper: Collector Android game.

The music in the game is good. There are many music tracks to listen to, as well.

The game has decent sounds. They are quite basic, but they fit the theme of the game very well.

How Does This Game Get You to Spend Money?

The Game Sells You a Premium Upgrade

Buying this unlocks new themes and animations you can use in levels. You can also change the background of the game. Buying these also gets rid of the video ads you see in between playing levels.

The Game Sells You a Multiplayer Time Based Upgrade

There is also a purchase you can make for the multiplayer section of the game. Buying this upgrade makes everything somewhat better. You pay for seven days or a month.

Buying this upgrade makes it easier to score points while playing multiplayer levels. It also improves some other things related to playing these levels.

Is This Game Fair for People Who Don’t Spend Money?

You can get an advantage over other players in the multiplayer section by spending a little money. As this will mean you will progress faster. But at the same time, a persistent or stubborn player can still score more points than you.

For this kind of game, this advantage doesn’t bother me. I play the game to pass the time. I do somewhat care about my rank. But I don’t feel too competitive about Minesweeper, I suppose.

Also, to rank on the level leaderboards, you have to mark many mines. You can’t pay-to-win your way past that.

How Does This Game Annoy You?

You Need to Wait for Lives in the Multiplayer Levels

You regain lives overtime in the multiplayer levels. This makes sense, I suppose. Otherwise, you could guess without any consequences.

But it still is annoying when you need to wait for things. You can watch video ads to speed up the process.

The Game Makes You Wait to Finish Upgrades

Upgrading your skills and gems takes a very long time. Sometimes you have to wait many hours. I suppose this is done to limit player progression.

There are skills you can level to make upgrading gems and skills happen faster. But these skills take a long time to upgrade as well! Playing the multiplayer game will be a time sink.

While it is annoying to have to wait for so many things, I view the multiplayer levels as optional. So I am not too annoyed overall.

My Overall Thoughts on Minesweeper Collector

Minesweeper Collector goes above and beyond any Minesweeper game, I have seen in this past. This is the best Minesweeper app I have found.

Do I Recommend Minesweeper Collector?

This is the best Minesweeper mobile game I have seen! Play this game!

Will I Play Minesweeper Collector After Reviewing It?

Of course! I play this game frequently, as I still have many collections to finish.