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Merge Dragons Tips and Tricks

Merge Dragons Tips and Tricks 1

I Have Some Merge Dragons Advice

Having played Merge Dragons for a while, I noticed multiple things you can do in the game that leads to faster and better progress. These tips are not super deep. But this is what I have noticed from playing the game, and I hope it helps you!

Merge Dragons!
Merge Dragons!
Developer: Zynga
Price: Free

Dragon Mission Advice

To get the most out of dragon missions, you need to send dragons on them often. But the constant tapping becomes tedious. You might not have the time or wish to spend that much effort doing it.

The Dragon Mission areas. Aracon, Feroxia, Glimrock, Frostia, Trinith, and Renarus are visible.
Screenshot of Merge Dragons Android game.

So remember to send dragons on missions when you know you won’t be playing the game for a long time. You won’t use all of the mission energy. But at least you get some dragon missions completed. That way at least some progress is made when you are playing the game.

The first two dragon missions. Long Road Ahead and The First Adventure.
Screenshot of Merge Dragons Android game.

Dragons and Stamina

If you have played the game for a while, you know that your dragons only get a limited number of actions. Once the dragons run out of actions, they will refuse to do anything.

The dragon says they are too tired.
Screenshot of Merge Dragons Android game.

If you wanted to maximize your dragons’ actions, you could set a timer and open up the game the moment one was ready to act. But that seems a bit excessive. I suppose you could wait until every dragon is available to act, then check the game. But that still requires a lot of attention.

How can you maximize these actions without checking the game every 15 minutes or so?

When you first open the game, let your dragons fly around and use their actions. If you don’t want to direct them, let them fly around and do whatever random things they want.

Dragons in Merge Dragons flying around doing whatever they do.
Screenshot of Merge Dragons Android game.

If only open game a few times a day, make sure to let all of your dragons use up their actions.

So no actions are wasted. Remember to let your dragons use up their actions back in camp before sending them on a new dragon mission as well. Having your dragons do as much as possible will help you make progress in your main camp a lot faster.

Sometimes the game will let you watch an ad to send out your dragon with the highest stamina again. If you have this option, this is a great way to get more dragon actions without having to wait long.

Get Your Daily Check in Gift Every Day

Make sure to get your daily gift. It only takes a few minutes, and you can get nice things like rare dragon eggs.

The daily reward steak screen. There are rewards for 7 days. Day 7 is a Chrono Dragon egg.
Screenshot of Merge Dragons Android game.

If you lose your streak, you have to start over again. So it is worth it to open the game and tap a few things even if you don’t feel like playing it long.

Merge Dragons 1 day streak lost.
Screenshot of Merge Dragons Android game.

Play Old Levels for Rewards

If you play old levels enough times, you will get rewards.

The grassy 2 level start screen.
Screenshot of Merge Dragons Android game.

Cosmos dragons are a rare type of dragon. Cosmos dragons are zoomer dragons. Not that kind of zoomer! It means they move very fast. Or they are supposed to. I don’t exactly watch too closely.

A Merge Dragons Cosmos dragon. It has on a holiday themed hat. The hat is green and yellow.
Screenshot of Merge Dragons Android game.

If you want cosmos dragon eggs, then plan on beating the same level many times. But be warned, doing this takes a lot of time and dragon choices. It also becomes boring somewhat quickly.

Win this level 5 more times to get a Cosmos dragon egg.
Screenshot of Merge Dragons Android game.

Open Chests

As you play the game and beat levels, you will frequently find chests. Don’t forget to open them.

The Merge Dragons Chest Room. I have a bronze chest that takes 3 hours to unlock.
Screenshot of Merge Dragons Android game.

All you have to do is tap unlock and then wait. I check and see what the progress of my chests is every time I open the game.

A bronze Merge Dragons chest.
Screenshot of Merge Dragons Android game.

Should You Merge Five Things?

How many things to merge depends on your goals.

You can merge 3 or 5 things in Merge Dragons.
Screenshot of Merge Dragons Android game.

Most of the time, I try to merge five things. Merging five or more things leads to getting more items. Doing more five object merges long term this is better.

A pile of dragon gems waiting to be merged.
Screenshot of Merge Dragons Android game.

But I get impatient. I merge three things when I want to see fast results. I try to only five merge life trees and things like that. But sometimes, I merge three dragons. I needed the dragon power, and I wanted the upgraded forms for new dragon missions.

A column of life flowers lined up.
Screenshot of Merge Dragons Android game.

Overall I would try to merge five things when possible.

Some coins and reward stars stacked up neatly in rows.
Screenshot of Merge Dragons Android game.

Keep in mind merging four things doesn’t do anything extra. Merging six things wastes an object in the merge. I stick to not merging anything over five. Unless I have like 14 life sprouts, and I am feeling impatient.

Sell Unwanted Chests and Dimensional Jar

As you play the game, you will find many chests and dimensional jars that require spending gems to open. These objects are annoying, as I do not want to spend my gems opening them.

A Merge Dragons bounty box. This is a round shaped purple box with a lock on it.
Screenshot of Merge Dragons Android game.

But there is a way to get rid of these items. Tap on the objects to get the message asking you to pay to appear. When you tap off this message, the chest still will be selected. You can then sell it for one coin. Getting one coin won’t do too much for you. But for me, just getting these objects away is more important.

You can sell bounty boxes for one coin.
Screenshot of Merge Dragons Android game.