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Match Masters Bronze Boosters Guide

Match Masters Bronze Boosters Guide 1

There are multiple tiers of boosters in Match Masters. Bronze, Silver, gold, diamond, and legendary. There are also special editions of some diamond boosters.

Bronze boosters are the lowest tier of boosters in Match Masters. I am going to explain what these boosters are and how I think you can best use them.

Match Masters ‎- PvP Match 3
Match Masters ‎- PvP Match 3

What are the Bronze Boosters?

  • Firecracker
  • Paint Bucket
  • Rubber Ducky
There are three bronze boosters in Match Masters. Firecracker, Rubber Ducky, and the Paint Bucket.
Screenshot of Match Masters Android game.

Bronze Booster Cost

You can use bronze boosters for free. Once you lose your booster, you need to wait six hours to use that booster for free again. Every day you can watch ten video ads to use these boosters again. You get ten times to use all three bronze boosters again.

If that was not enough free booster usage for you, then you can also spend a very cheap cost of 50 coins and use a bronze booster as well.

There is no other way to get extra bronze boosters. Any in-game reward gives you silver boosters or better.

You can watch ads ten times to use bronze boosters more times.
Screenshot of Match Masters Android game.

Don’t Underestimate Bronze Boosters

A good understanding of the current arena and making great matches can matter much more than booster usage. So just because bronze boosters look and sound weak doesn’t mean people won’t beat you with them. They can and will if you let them score many points.

At the time of writing this guide, I am only Challenger three (III) rank with 5592 points. I have no idea how people play in the higher ranks. But I sometimes win games with bronze boosters and against people with gold or rarely even diamond boosters.

I won a Match Masters match. I won with 273 points to 185 points.
Screenshot of Match Masters Android game.

My Strategy for Bronze Boosters

I normally only use bronze boosters for standard matches. I won’t have to worry about losing any coins or rare boosters I have.

The start of a Match Masters game.
Screenshot of Match Masters Android game.

Now if I lose a game, I can lose ranking. So there is some risk involved.

I lost a Match Masters round.
Screenshot of Match Masters Android game.

I like using these boosters when I want to play the game, but I don’t care if I win or lose. If I want to have a more serious game session, I will use gold or diamond boosters instead.

Match Rumble is so intense it will be hard to survive in the mode to see the second round, and winning is even harder.

But you have nothing to lose by playing Match Rumble with bronze boosters. You won’t lose rank by playing Match Rumble. The only thing you lose is your booster, and bronze boosters are free.

If you want to play the game to practice and risk nothing, play Match Rumble with free boosters. When I first started playing the game, I played much more Match Rumble than the standard game.

If you win a Match Rumble game with a Bronze booster, you keep your booster. You also get a free gold or diamond booster.

Match Masters Match Rumble screenshots.
Screenshot of Match Masters Android game.

I don’t play tournaments enough to comment on them. But I imagine you have a chance of winning with bronze boosters. But you probably be better off playing single matches where not as much is on the line if you lose.

Single-player challenges are incredibly hard, and bronze boosters are far too weak to get anything other than maybe the first star goal. But I suppose you risk little by trying many times with bronze boosters. So I guess there is no harm in trying to win and see what happens.

You will learn how the different arenas work and see how they feel to play with little risk.

A Match Masters Cosmic Rush classic match.
Screenshot of Match Masters Android game.


When you use Firecracker, the booster removes five random pieces on the board. Using the booster will always score you five points. You may score more points after using the booster if cascades or special pieces get matched.

The Firecracker booster is notable for only costing six blue pieces to charge compared to seven that almost all other boosters cost.

Firecracker is simple, and you can use it often. There is no strategy for Firecracker. Use the booster often as possible and hope something good happens.

It is a toss-up on if I like Firecracker or Paint Bucket more. I like both of the boosters for different reasons.

Using a booster like Firecracker is not going to be a game-changer. If you are doing well, it will help you. If you are not doing well, it won’t help much.

Paint Bucket

When you use the paint bucket, six random pieces are all turned the same color. The pieces and the color picked are random. This booster often causes matches to happen. Using this booster may create special pieces or have other good effects depending on the current arena.

Unlike the other two bronze boosters the paint bucket costs seven blue pieces to charge.

I feel conflicted on the paint bucket. It has the most useful effect compared to the other bronze boosters. But it has a higher cost, and it is very luck based on how much this thing helps you.

If you are good at spotting special piece matches, the paint bucket can help here. Using it might help you gain an extra move and more points.

The paint bucket is often the bronze booster I use when trying single-player challenges. I have a chance of getting at least a one star score or better. So I try and see what happens.

I got two stars in a solo cosmic rush challenge. I scored at least 150 points.
Screenshot of Match Masters Android game.

I like using the paint bucket slightly more than the other bronze boosters. But I am currently testing using all of them to see what I like better.

Rubber Ducky

The Rubber Ducky booster clears the middle row of the game board. Doing this always scores you at least seven points. The booster will activate special pieces in the center of the board. Depending on your current arena, you will active other things as well.

The rubber ducky only costs six blue pieces instead of the normal seven.

This booster seems very situational. I have seen other players use it somewhat well. But often, when I use the rubber ducky, not much of anything happens.

Maybe there is some strategy to using this booster I don’t quite understand, or I am missing. But my first impressions are this one is not as helpful.

The strategy of using this booster when special stuff is in the center row sounds good. But that is not something you have any control over. You can shuffle the board once, I suppose. But doing that won’t always help.

The best thing I can think of doing is try holding off using the booster if you can get a special candy or a useful match near the center of the board. But use the booster before the end of your turn.

This booster either works very well and you feel like some kind of match-3 genius. Or it feels very weak and like you are not playing with a booster at all.

I will use this booster once a day since you get it for free. But I am not sure if I like it. I tend to like using the other two bronze boosters better.

Bronze Boosters Review

  • Bronze boosters are the weakest tier booster of the game. But they still can win games!
  • Firecracker and Paint Bucket cost six match pieces to use instead of seven.
  • These boosters are best to use in standard matches.
  • I like Firecracker and Paint Bucket about the same, and they both are OK.
  • I don’t use Rubber Ducky often because I don’t like how it works.