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Breaking the Code!

About Master Mind

Master Mind is the sixth game in the Keep it or Delete it series. Master Mind is based on the 1970 game Mastermind.

Master Mind is a game about making guesses and finding the correct answer in a limited number of guesses.

How I Reviewed Master Mind

There are many variants of this game. I am going to be reviewing one I found while searching for the best version. I have played this game off and on for quite a while. I play this game on my Android smartphone.

Gameplay Review

How to Play Master Mind

It sounds complicated, but it is quite easy once you know how to play.

You start with a row of empty pegs. The number of pegs depends on the difficulty level. More pegs make the game harder as the code is bigger. There are more combinations to guess.

The final solution is made up of these colors. You need to find the right colors and order of the pegs to win.

You can enable, or disable, the option for colors to repeated, and I leave this option enabled. Otherwise, the game is too easy.

The game does not tell you which pegs are correct, though. The goal of the game is to deduce this information, by making repeated guesses, and using the information gained from previous guesses.

You only get so many guesses, though, so you can’t brute force the puzzles. You have to think about your guess.

I Enjoy This Game a Lot

I have never played the original game, but I love this game. I love logic games a lot, and I like to play something that makes me think.

Sure the game is a guessing game, so some luck is involved. But I highly enjoy the process.

I also play this game on my Linux desktop, as well. I play Gnome Mastermind.

I Love Puzzle Games

I know games like this can be hit or miss for people, and I understand. I also like games like Freecell, Solitaire, Minesweeper, Sudoku, etc. I love puzzle games!

More Information About the Game

The instructions in the game are well done. You if you are confused, it explains things very well.

I like that the game has difficulty options. I also like that the game lets you choose how many guesses you can get. I wish these options where numbers I can type in myself.

Depending on how this game was programmed, that may have been a coding limitation.

The game also has Play games achievements and leaderboards if you are interested in these things. I forgot about Play Games as not many games use it.

Presentation Review

How Master Mind Looks

The game looks nice. It has a pretty simple theme, but for this kind of game, it is good.

How the Game Sounds

The game is also very light on sounds. Having cool sounds would have a huge plus. This is the kind of game I mostly play with my phone muted anyway, though.

Spending Factor Review

There is nothing to buy in this game. It would be nice though if I could pay money to remove ads in the game. This is the kind of game I would not mind spending $2 USD or $3 USD to remove ads.

Annoyance Level Review

The Game Has Ads

There are banner ads and video ads in this game. But they are not too bad in this game. I will explain.

Ads Are OK This Time Though

This game shows ads at the right times, and not the wrong times, unlike a lot free to play mobile games. That is what makes the difference. The game only shows you ads when you are not playing the game.

You only see ads in the options screens and after you go back to the main screen.

If a game is to be ad-supported, this is how it should be done. Don’t bother the players while they are still playing and in a session of gameplay. Show ads when they are done or changing game options.

I don’t mind supporting developers by viewing ads. While this model is controversial with some people, I like it. It allows me to play many games without spending any of my own money.

It is a good earning model when done well like this game.

The Game Has No Annoyances!

There are no other annoyances in the game. You can play the game as long as you want and as often as you want. Sadly that is not always the case with mobile gaming.

Developers love to cut your playtime down if it means a way to make money.

My Overall Thoughts on Master Mind

Master Mind is a great game, and it is a great implementation of the original puzzle game. The game is not perfect, but it does a lot of things right and I am willing to be more forgiving and supportive because of that.

A 4 star review makes the AndroidGamingFox happy

Will I Keep on Playing This Game?

Of course, I will! Puzzle games like this are the main reason I love mobile gaming. To me, mobile gaming is puzzle games, for the most part.

Do I Recommend This Game?

If you already like Mastermind, this is the best single-player version of the game I could find on Google Play. If you are not a fan of puzzles, you might not like this game. I would say give the game a try. It is free to test.