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The Keep It or Delete It Review Series

What is The Keep It or Delete It Review Series?

The Keep It or Delete It Review Series is something I started in September 2019, and I finished in December 2020.

The goal of the project was to review all 26 Android games I had on my phone at the time.

In many cases, I was no longer playing these games anymore. In some cases, I forgot why I even started to play the games.

By forcing myself to review them, I learned if I liked the games or not. I also gained some space on my phone by deleting games I no longer was playing.

About the Games Being Reviewed

I often play puzzle and word games. Match three games are a huge favorite of mine, and there will be many match three games reviews.

I will list the games in the order reviewed, and I will link to the review. I will also state the decision I made at the end of the review.

A disk, and a circle with a x in it.

Keep It or Delete It Review Series Game List

  1. Toy Blast – Kept!
  2. Family Zoo: The Story – Deleted!
  3. Gardenscapes – Deleted!
  4. Homescapes – Deleted!
  5. Panda Pop – Deleted!
  6. Master Mind – Kept!
  7. Angry Birds Match Three – Kept!
  8. Angry Birds Blast – Deleted!
  9. Angry Birds Dream Blast – Deleted!
  10. Angry Birds Pop! – Kept
  11. Scrubby Dubby Saga – Deleted!
  12. Simple Solitaire Collection – Kept!
  13. Open Sudoku – Kept!
  14. Puzzledom – Deleted!
  15. Minesweeper Collector – Kept!
  16. Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga – Deleted!
  17. Candy Crush Saga – Deleted!
  18. Candy Crush Soda Saga – Deleted!
  19. Farm Heroes Super Saga – Deleted!
  20. Classic Words Plus – Kept!
  21. Magic Jigsaw Puzzles – Deleted!
  22. Infinite Word Search – Deleted!
  23. Juice Jam – Deleted!
  24. Cookie Cats Pop – Deleted!
  25. Cookie Cats Blast – Kept!
  26. Roller Coast Tycoon Classic – Kept

Kept Games List

Deleted Games List

The Numbers!

Out of 26 games I kept 8 of them.

I only kept about 30% of the games. I am quite picky about the games I will actually play every day.

That also means I deleted 18 games. Sometimes you just got to delete!