Jewelicious: Jewel Quest Puzzle by the Curious Dog


How I Learned About Jewelicious

I was browsing Reddit, and I came across this post where the Reddit user u/gmxmanyolis was asking for feedback on their recently published game Jewelicious.

Eager to help an Android developer I downloaded the game to see what it is about. This is something I plan on doing on AndroidGamingFox.

Keep in mind this game is unreleased on Google Play and for now, they are looking for feedback.

The Curious Dog logo.
The Curious Dog logo.

What Is Jewelicious?

Jewelicious is a game off dropping jewels at the right moment, so they smash other jewels. This was quite a unique concept to me. You have so many moves each level to smash the jewels.

The game started out simple but added a few new elements as I beat levels.

Jewelicious in game screenshot.
On this level you can choose where to drop jewels.

First, the game added the ability to move around and drop jewels in different places. The game added a second colored jewel. You have to drop jewels on matching colors, or you lose moves. Lastly, the game added bombs. You can not drop jewels on bombs or you lose.

I played the game until I got to level 11 and decided at that point to give feedback.

The game is fun and has potential. It is not something I would have tried on my own, but I enjoyed the game. The developers biggest hurdle will be keeping a variety of levels that are challenging and fair.

Here is a link to the game and as a reminder here is the Reddit post where the developer wants feedback. Keep in mind for new games getting feedback from users is a huge help. If you don’t have a Reddit account, you can always give feedback from the Google Play store.

Here are some screenshots of Jewelicious


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