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Is There a Best Fiends TV Show?

The Best Fiends logo and a TV icon.

Let’s Watch Best Fiends

Best Fiends is a popular match three puzzle game. The characters are quite interesting, and many people seem to be interested in a Best Fiends TV show.

But is there a Best Fiends TV show?

Is There One!?

The short answer is no.

As far as I can (at least at the time of writing this blog post), there are no plans for a full-featured TV show or movie.

About the Best Fiends Animated Shorts

What Best Fiends does have is a collection of animated short videos on YouTube.

These shorts are animated well, and they have some serious voice actors. They have to be spending big money on this kind of talent.

I would not have thought a mobile game would spend so much money on animation.

But I suppose Rovio already has done something similar with Angry Birds.

The Best Fiends TV show.
Screenshot of the Best Fiends YouTube Channel.

But There Could Be a Best Fiends TV Show or Movies Right?

Maybe. I don’t know. I hope so, and I would love to watch a Best Fiends movie or TV show.

If Angry Birds can somehow justify two movies, I like to think Best Fiends can do something as well.

A screen shot of YouTuvbe video Temper's Adventure - A Best Fiends Animation.
This is a screenshot from Temper’s Adventure – A Best Fiends Animation.