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Infinite Word Search Puzzles Review

Infinite Word Search review featured image.

Game Review Information

Infinite Word Search Puzzles is a word game made by Random Logic Games.

  • I played the game a little before the review. But I never really focused on the game much.
  • I played the game for about three days for the review.
  • I played multiple levels, and I made some progress in the puzzle categories.

Gameplay Review

How the Game Works

Infinite Word Search Puzzles is a crossword puzzle game. You have a grid of letters and words, and your goal is to find all of the words.

Some levels are timed, and you have to beat the level before time runs out.

A standard word search puzzle in Infinite Word Search. Many letters are visible.
Screenshot of Infinite Word Search Puzzles Android game.

You can use hints to help you when you are stuck.

Infinite Word Search Puzzles is quite fun to play. You have multiple categories of words to find. You can play infinite levels or make progress in groups of levels.

The actual game is very good. The game looks and works like any crossword puzzle should, and there are words in every direction and even backward words.

There is a mode where you find emoji combinations. Finding emojis is somewhat fun and an interesting twist on word search games.

There are emoji search puzzles in Infinite Word Search.

I found the game to be a bit easy. But I did fail some levels because I got distracted.

I like the idea of progressing and unlocking new puzzles. If you love to play these types of games, there are infinite puzzles to play. The game lives up to its name.

Presentation Review

The game looks good. I like the vibrant and bright colors. The sounds are pretty forgettable.

This is the main menu screen in Infinite Word Search.
Screenshot of Infinite Word Search Puzzles Android game.

How Does This Game Get You to Spend Money?

You Can Pay Money To Remove Ads

You can spend money on removing ads.

You Can Buy Hints

You can buy highlighters and keys to unlock new level categories.

Infinite Word Search store. You can buy multiple bundles and remove ads.
Screenshot of Infinite Word Search Puzzles Android game.

The Game Has an Optional Subscription

The game also has a subscription. It costs $7 a week. With the subscription, you get all level categories unlocked. You get to open presents.

This is a very greedy payment model. There is nothing of value being offered here, and $7 a week is pretty expensive. I would not spend this kind of money on a mobile game.

Every time I see something like this in a game, I instantly lose a good deal of respect for the developers.

Angry AndroidGamingFox

Is This Game Fair for People Who Don’t Spend Money?

It is very fair. You don’t need hints to play this game.

Paying money to be told the answers to me makes the game boring. Why play a word search game if you don’t like finding words?

There are enough puzzles to play without needing to worry about unlocking new ones.

How Does This Game Annoy You?

There are ads. I never saw any during the review, though. Maybe I did not play enough to see them?

This game has few annoyances. I wish more games would be like this!

My Overall Thoughts on Infinite Word Search Puzzles

Infinite Word Search Puzzles is a decent game. But the game is held back by a bad monetization system. There is a good game here, but in the current state, I can’t say I like it too much.

There are plenty of word games, just like this. I don’t have to settle for Infinite Word Search when I can find better.

Do I Recommend People Play Infinite Word Search Puzzles?

No. Word search puzzles are like the easiest game to make, and there are so many of them. I would search for something else.

Will I Play Infinite Word Search Puzzles After Reviewing It?

No. There are other better word games I will play instead.