Support Me Page

Support Options

If you want to support me and my website this page shows you multiple ways you can do so. Thank you for considering these options.

Keep in mind I earn money from all the things listed in my earnings discourse page. In addition to these earnings here are some other options.

Social Media Sharing

Share my content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit, and other social media websites.

Cryptocurrency Donations

If you use Cryptocurrency, you can donate me small amounts to these addresses using these currencies.

  • Bitcoin BTC: 3BjKETMzkmK2KFupeTNyca5ftkdj6usjPq
  • Bitcoin Cash BCH: qqcfzrtam5qptmlg0k0eymq58lnfpcfxku0xuc7wve
  • Ethereum ETH: 0xcfE93439dF79aD8994197Ef75dCc3e156986e43E
  • Ethereum Classic ETC: 0x98AcFC95311228A047f936C04C34028d3752239D
  • Litecoin LTC: M9gpkf2TW867MhTQFMzGRx8gGtn92AUtKN

PayPal Donations

Lastly, if you really want to you can donate me a few dollars on PayPal with this link.