Wordament Review

What is Wordament?

Wordament is a fun and fast word game by Microsoft. I am going to explain why I love this game.

Read more to learn why Wordament is one of my favorites if not my favorite word game on Android.

Wordament title screen

The title screen of the game.

Review Information

The Device I Used

I play Wordament on my LG V20 Android smartphone. It is running LineageOS 15.1. This is the same as having Android Oreo 8.1 installed.

Review type

Since I have played Wordament off and on for years, this is a deep review. I have played the game for over a year, and I understand it very well.

What Sort of Game Is Wordament?

Surprise! Wordament is a word game. You use your knowledge of words to spell as many words as you can.

Wordament is also a multiplayer game. You compete in every round against everybody who is currently playing and see how you rank at the end.

Unlike some 1vs1 multiplayer word games like Ruzzle or Words with Friends, you don’t play against one person in particular.

How Do You Play Wordament?

Gameplay Phase

Every round is about three minutes long. For two minutes you try to find as many words as you can on a grid of letters. You have to connect words one letter at a time, and you can not use a letter more than once.

wordament game example

This is what the game board looks like in Wordament.

Game Review Phase

Wordament end of round personal information

This is the screen that shows how I did this round.

After the two minutes are up, you get about 40 seconds to see the round results. The game shows you how many words you found and the total number of words you could have found. You can tap on a word, and it will show where it is on the game board. Wordament also shows you how many points you score on average for each word.

I find this screen very helpful. Some people might not care about seeing this information in this much detail, but I find it to be fun as it motivates me to do better.

If you like how you did in a certain round, you can save this information by using the Android share menu.

After this word review, the game shows the top players of every round, and it shows you some players that ranked close to you. The game shows you how many words you found and what your score is. Wordament then gives you a percentile based on how good you did. After a round ends, the next round begins immediately. A game is always in progress.

Wordament leaderboard screen

Well, I am not where near the best but here is my ranking.

Round Types

Some rounds have special features. For example, one round type is a speed round where every word is worth the same amount of points.

Here are some of the other round types that can happen.

  • There are rounds with a huge word worth many points.
  • Rounds where you earn bonus points for spelling words with a certain letter tile.
  • Rounds with words from a common theme hidden in the game board.
  • These alternative rounds keep the game varied, and I love playing them when they happen.

Wordament Is a Competitive Game

At its core, Wordament is a very competitive game but don’t feel like you need to be to enjoy playing it. You can always ignore the stats shown at the end of rounds. You can’t skip these screens though.

Wordament Is a Game of Skill

One of the things that annoy me about some multiplayer word games is that they have premium powerups. This makes the games feel more like goofy party games than actual competition. Some people enjoy this, but to me, it messes up the multiplayer balance.

One of the reasons I love to play Wordament is that you score points based on your own skill level only. Either you can find words or don’t.

Other Wordament features

Since Wordament is from Microsoft, you can link a Microsoft/Xbox account and earn some achievement points. If you care about that sort of thing that is. I don’t pay these things much mind myself, but they are a nice extra.

You can also connect to a Facebook account or play the game without an account. If you don’t sync an account, the game won’t save your status long term.

The game also shows you how you are doing long term as well. The game also shows off the best players in the game. This ties back into Wordament being a competitive game.

Review Scores


Wordament is a very simple and easy to understand word game. Due to its quick round nature, it is easy to play a few rounds and move on.

One complaint is that there is no way to start only at the beginning of a new round. The game drops you in at whatever is going on at the moment, and this is where you begin.

Since this is a multiplayer game, you also need to have data or wireless access to play it. The game does not work offline at all.


The game looks and sounds nice. You can customize the colors of the board with preset themes. The look of the game is very simple, but it does what it needs to.

I can say the same about the sounds of the game. The only music you hear is when rounds end. The game is light on sound, but it is good enough for what it is.

Spending Factor

The game has no purchases you can make.

Annoyance Factor

The game does ask you to sign in, but that is it. The game shows a tiny banner ad at the bottom of the game area. It shows ads for other Microsoft Android games and information about Wordament.

This is great compared to how annoying some other Android games are.

Overall Score

Overall Wordament is a very fun game, and I like to play it. The game is not flashy and very basic, but I like the focus on competitive gameplay and how fair the game is.

I would recommend Wordament to people who love word games.

5 star review

Wordament is one of my favorite word games. 5 stars!

What Do You Think?

What do you think about Wordament? Have you played it before? What is your best round? Feel free to leave your own reviews and comments.

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Wordament is a very fun multiplayer game by Microsoft.


Fun and fast game.
Very simple and fair.


Need to be online to play.

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Pros: Fun and fast game. Very simple and fair.
Cons: Need to be online to play.

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