How to Get Free Gift Cards With Idle Mobile Devices

How to Get Free Gift Cards With Idle Mobile Devices

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This guide has affiliate links in it. If you click one of these links and sign up using it, I will earn a bonus on your activity. I have links to my Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, and ySense accounts.

I only get credited if you are a new user and you sign up right away, though.

Learn How to Get Gift Cards With an Android Device!

Over the years, I have acquired multiple mobile devices. Most of the time, I don’t have a reason to use these devices anymore. These devices are too old to anything too useful.

But I have found ways to use these devices to earn free gift cards.

You can get Google Play gift cards with some of these rewards programs. You will be able to buy apps and in-app purchases with these gift cards!

What am I doing, and how do you do it? I am going to explain how to earn extra digital gift cards (and sometimes money) with mobile devices.

I keep my two devices charging on a charging dock I bought.

First Some Important Information

You used to be able to get a lot more points and gift cards using video apps and lock screen apps in the past. Many of these methods have disappeared. The passive earning glory days are long over.

You won’t earn much more than a $5 (USD) gift card every few months or so using these methods.

These programs tend to close somewhat frequently. The ones that don’t close tend to make earning rewards harder.

You need an Android device for every app I am going to mention. You can’t use these video apps or lock screen apps on iOS devices. An iPad or iPhone won’t work.

Watch HideoutTV Videos

HideoutTV is on many rewards websites.

All of the Prodege apps offer it. That is Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and ySense. I know other rewards programs have it as well.

The HideoutTV homepage.
Screenshot of HideoutTV website.

You can earn and spend points on HideoutTV without connecting to any other program. But I save my points for Swagbucks most of the time.

I have 88.9 HideoutTV points.
Screenshot of HideoutTV Android app.

How do you earn points with HideoutTV? Weill first sign up for an account. Doing this will make redeeming points for multiple rewards programs a lot easier.

Make sure you are signed into HideoutTV first. Then go to the rewards program you want to earn points for.

I often earn HideoutTV points with Swagbucks. To earn points with Swagbucks, go to Discover home. Then go to AdcendMedia and click/tap a hideout TV category.

The AdscendMedia discover page on Swagbucks.
Screenshot of Swagbucks website.

Doing this will link both rewards programs together. So in the future, when you earn points, you can convert them into Swagbucks.

HideoutTV redeem your earnings page.
Screenshot of HideoutTV Android app.

There is a HideoutTV app you can download and use to watch videos and earn points as well! But you need to connect a rewards app first using a computer or web browser if you want to send them there for points.

Developer: Adscend Media LLC
Price: Free
The HideoutTV Android app.
Screenshot of HideoutTV Android app.

The app works well enough, and there is no real difference between watching content on it or using a web browser.

I sometimes watch the HideoutTV content. But most of the time, I let the videos play silently in the background. I often run videos before going to sleep.

After a few hours, the videos will stop, and you need to tap I am still here to continue the process. So that ruins the idea of just letting them play all day without checking them.

Don’t expect to make too many points watching videos on HideoutTV. But since you don’t have to do much, there is not too much to complain about.

Earn Points With Lock Screen Apps

There used to be many apps like these on Google Play. They all vanished over the years. There are not many of these programs left anymore.

S’more Rewards and MyRobinHood are both lock screen apps made by Airfind Corp.

Make Money & Earn Cash Rewards
Make Money & Earn Cash Rewards
MyRobinHood Earn More Rewards
MyRobinHood Earn More Rewards

I also use a separate lock screen app called 101sweets. It is made by a different developer, but it looks the same as the other two.

Price: Free

I have a S’more guide on AndroidGamingFox. If you want to know more details, I read this guide! The information in it is valid for all three apps.

There are multiple ways to earn points with these three lock screen apps. But I am going to focus on passive earnings.

This is the first screen you see when you open S’More.
A screenshot of the S’more Android app.

First, create an account with the lock screens you want to use. Make sure to input your profile information and verify your email and phone number. Otherwise, if you change devices or phone numbers, you will lose all of your earned points!

I am using these lock screen apps on a phone that no longer has service.

So to log in on my Android phone, I had to take the link I got my text and email it to myself. Then I was able to tap the link in Gmail and open it up in the right app.

You will start to see lock screen ads once your accounts are set up, and you enable all of the required permissions, To access the device, you will need to swipe up past these extra lock screens. If you use multiple lock screen apps, you have to view all of them to earn points.

A picture of the lockscreen S’More uses.
A screenshot of the S’more Android app.

Then you will need to unlock the Android lock screen if you have that enabled as well. Since I only use this device for lock screens, I leave it unlocked at all times.

Why would you want extra lock screens on your phone? Why have extra ads in your life?!

I don’t use this device for much anymore. I leave it on and plugged into a charger all day. Every day I open the device and watch some ads, and swipe up past the lock screens. That’s all you need to do to earn points.

That is if everything works as intended. Lately, S’more and MyRobinHood have been acting finicky for me.

Some days I don’t get credited points no matter how ads I view. Even if I open the lock screen multiple times in a row, I might not get credited a point.

When it does work, I earn 10 points a day. You need 300 points to cash out an Amazon gift card.

Don’t forget about the videos! You tap a button and watch an ad. Often for games or apps. You earn points after watching two videos.

Since these ads are short, the videos don’t autoplay, earning points like this requires a lot of micro managing. The app will make you do attention checks as well to play the next video sometimes as well.

I don’t bother earning points with lock screen videos too often. But sometimes, I will keep my old Android near me and tap on them while doing something else.

If you are close to a gift card, watching videos is a nice way to earn the last points you need.

Earn Points With Mobile Performance Meter

Mobile Performance Meter is an app that pays you for sharing certain information from your phone everyday.

Mobile Performance Meter
Mobile Performance Meter
Developer: Embee Mobile
Price: Free
The Mobile Performance Meter main screen.
Screenshot of Mobile Performance Meter Android app.

Sign up and verify all required information. Then enable any required system permissions. Once the app is running, you will earn your daily points.

Some people earn more points than others. I have heard some early users claim they earn 20 points a day. A lot of older users earn 10 points a day. Newer users have reported earning 5 points a day.

A picture of my points earning and spending history.
Screenshot of Mobile Performance Meter Android app.

You can redeem your points to get Google Play gift cards!

I have a dedicated Mobile Performance Meter guide on AndroidGamingFox. If you want to know more details, I recommend you read it!

What My Daily Rewards Program Routine Looks Like

The Devices I Use

I have two devices I use for rewards programs. I have an old LG V20 smartphone and a cheap Android tablet. I leave these two devices plugged in and charging all of the time.

I make sure to update my LG V20 phone and Android tablet once a week. I check for app and system updates. My LG V20 is so old it no longer gets Android version updates.

How I Use My LG V20 Phone

I have S’more, MyRobinHood, and Mobile Performance Meter running on the LG V20 device. Every day I open the phone and make sure I view ads on all lock screens. I then confirm I have earned points. Once a week, I check Mobile Performance Meter to see how many points I have.

My LG V20 Android smartphone. The screen is cracked. I have the Google app open.
I only have rewards apps icon on my homescreen.

How I Use My Lg V20 Phone

I use Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and HideoutTV on my Android tablet. I use this device to watch and play videos for points.

I start by watching Swagbucks videos. Often the videos run out fast. Then I start and watch InboxDollar videos. If I run out of videos to watch on both apps, I will open HideoutTV and let that play.

Are There Any Other Rewards Programs With Video or Lock Screen Earnings?

If I find any new passive rewards programs, I will test them and update this guide if I start to use them often.

I often check the Beermoney subreddit on Reddit. I recommend this group to learn about new earnings programs.