How to Get Free Chips in Poker Heat

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Everybody Wants Free Stuff Right?

To move up in leagues in the game Poker Heat, you need chips to play more often. Sure. You could buy chips, but why do that when you can play good poker and get freebies? I am going to go over all the ways to get free chips in Poker Heat.

Poker Heat Main Screen
You can see the leaderboard, chip collection button, video ads, and chip collection.

You Receive More Chips for Being in Higher Leagues

The league system is an extremely important part of how Poker Heat works. You get more free chips when you are in a better league. Being in higher leagues means more chips from certain rewards.

  • More free chips from collecting with the free chips button in the game.
  • More chips from spinning the mega bonus wheel.
  • More chips from chip gifts.
  • Can accept more chip gifts in a day when in higher leagues.
  • More free chips based on placement at the end of the league.

Get Chips for Placing in Leagues

If you can do well in leagues, you will get more chips at the end. Placing in the top three league positions earns you the most chips. Try to move up as many places as you can in leagues to earn extra chips.

It is important to try to be in the highest league you can reach to get the most chips. Read the chart below to see more detailed information on the benefits of being in higher leagues.

Poker Heat League Benefits
Here are the rewards you get for being in each league.

Use the Free Chip Button

Every four hours you can tap/click a free chip button on the home screen. Do this as often as you can to rack up nice amounts of free chips. As I mentioned before, you get more chips if you are in a higher league.

Spin the Mega Bonus Wheel

Every 20 hours you can spin the Mega Bonus Wheel. To activate your spin, you need to play ten poker hands at any stakes.

The amount of chips you get depends on where you land on the wheel. In my experience, I tend to land on the lower amounts the most. The game does have an optional daily streak bonus, but you have to pay for it.

Poker Heat Mega Bonus Wheel
Spinning the mega bonus wheel is a nice to earn extra chips.

Receive Chip Gifts From Friends

When people add you as a friend in the game, they have the option of sending a chip gift. The amount of free chips you collect depends on your league, and so does the number of chip gifts you can receive in a day. I suppose if you wanted to get a lot of chips you could request everybody to be your friend and see who adds you.

Poker Heat Invite Friends
You get chips in Poker Heat for inviting people to play the game.

Collecting Rings

Every time you collect a ring, you receive millions of chips. Getting rings is one of the best ways to get free chips. You must build up the number of crowns needed by playing often, and this may take a long time.

Earn Chips by Participating in Game Events

The game frequently has events that can earn you free chips if you participate in them. The following are events I have seen in the game.

  • An event where you got more chips for winning with an ace in your hand.
  • An event where you got more chips for winning with a pocket pair.
  • An event where you got more chips for winning with crappy hands like 72 and 83.
  • An event where you got extra chips for winning when bluffing with a nothing hand.
  • An event where you got extra chips for making a defending call with a weak pair.
  • An event where you got extra chips for getting so many crown points in a certain period of time.

Poker Heat has events frequently, and the best way to keep up with current and past events outside of playing the game is to check the Facebook page.

Poker Heat Lemons Event
The lemons to lemonade event is an example of a event that occurs often.

Watching Videos

On the mobile version of the game, you have the option of watching video ads for 4000 chips each. I am not sure how the game determines how many videos you can watch in a day, but for me, it varies. I love getting free chips this way, as I let the video ads run while doing something else.

Also, keep in mind not everybody may get the option to view video ads. I am not sure what quality people so you may not see them.

Inviting New Players

If you feel like doing a bit marketing on Playtika’s behalf, you can invite your friends to the game for free chips. You receive 100 thousand chips for every person you invite.

Get Free Chips from Mobile Notifications

You know those notifications apps send you all day? Make sure to interact with the ones from Poker Heat if you want free chips. By tapping the notification and letting the game load, you can add a few thousand free chips.

Free Chips From Facebook Notifications

Just like with mobile notifications, if you click the Facebook notifications, you will also get free chips. Just let the game load, and interact with the pop up.

Click Facebook Posts for Free Chips

The game’s Facebook page frequently posts with links you can click for free chips. Just wait for the game to load, and that is it.

Use This Gamehunters Tool

Gamehunters has a bonus chip auto collection system. I use this to catch things I miss on the Facebook page.

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