How to Earn Gift Cards With S’More

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Learn About S’More

S’more is an app on Google Play. By using this app, you can earn free gift cards for Google Play, Amazon, and other stores.

In this guide, I will explain how the app works and how you can earn these gift cards.

S’more - Earn Cash Rewards
S’more - Earn Cash Rewards

What is S’more?

S’more is a lock screen app. The app will create a secondary lock screen on your phone. 

This new lock screen will have ads. You will have to swipe up past it to get to your normal lock screen.

You can also add some shortcuts to this lock screen.

A picture of the lockscreen S’More uses.
A screenshot of the S’more Android app.

Why Would I Want S’More if It Shows Ads?!

You might think, why would I want extra ads in my life? I look at ads all the time! I don’t blame you if you find S’more to be too annoying.

The reason to use S’more is to earn points every day.

This is the first screen you see when you open S’More.
A screenshot of the S’more Android app.

How Do You Earn Points in S’more?

To earn points, you need to be in the USA.

You need to have the lock screen on and visible. Let the ads show and look at the lock screen a few times a day.

At the time of writing this guide, you earn 10 points a day. 

There are a few other ways to earn points. You can watch video ads and do some other things. But I normally just earn my ten points every day as this requires no effort.

This is the first screen you see when you open S’More.
A screenshot of the S’more Android app.

Is S’More a Scam?

I have earned over $20 in gift cards with the app, and they paid me every time. The app is not a scam, and it works as intended.

Your Earnings Will Be Small

To cash out for a $1 gift card, you need to run S’more for ten days. A $5 gift card will take over a month and a half to earn.

So obviously, you won’t get rich from using S’more. 

You can points faster if you watch video ads. But even then, you still will be waiting a while to earn points.

In S’More you can redeem points for Amazon gift cards.
A screenshot of the S’more Android app.

How I Use S’More

I don’t use the app on my main phone. I leave it running on my LG V20. 

I only use this phone for playing games to review on my blog now. The phone can only connect to WiFi. As long as the phone is on once a day, I earn my ten points.

How I Use the Gift Cards I Earn

I mostly use my points for Amazon gift cards. On Amazon, you can apply gift cards to purchases even if it won’t cover the whole cost. 

I often use Amazon gift cards as discounts.

I sometimes might use the points for a Google Play gift card.

By Eric Farmer

I have always loved playing video games, and it is one of my passions in life. I decide to write about my experiences to inform and entertain others.