How Many Levels Does Helix Jump Have?

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Many people online are searching to find out how many levels are in Helix Jump.

The Number of Levels in Helix Jump

There Is No End in Sight

Nobody knows how many levels are in Helix Jump. The levels keep on going forever, and nobody has found an end. One player managed to get to level 10000, and there still were more levels.

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I Think the Levels in Helix Jump Repeat Forever

It is possible there is an end to Helix Jump, but I think most likely the levels repeat forever. The levels in Helix Jump are about the same in terms of difficulty, and it would not be very hard to program a system to keep making new levels.

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Try Asking the Developer

The only person who know for sure is the developer of the game. You could try contacting them and asking.

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