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How to Get Free Games With Google Opinion Rewards

How to Get Free Games With Google Opinion Rewards featured image.

With Google Opinion Rewards I Don’t Have to Buy Games on Google Play

I rarely spend any money from my bank account on Google Play. But I still buy and pay for apps semi-often. How do I do this?

I bought most of the games I own on Google Play by taking surveys with Google Opinion Rewards.

In this post, I will explain what Google Opinion Rewards is. I will also explain how to earn gift card funds using it.

I have been using Google Opinion Rewards since 2014, and I love it!

Google Opinion Rewards
Google Opinion Rewards
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


Don’t Take Surveys if You Want Privacy!

First, if you value privacy above everything else, stay away!

Google Opinion Rewards works by giving data to Google. If the thought of this makes you uncomfortable, then you will not like this app!

Some people may value their privacy more than dollars to spend on apps. I long ago lost any thoughts of caring about this sort of thing.

Google Opinion Rewards Might Not Be Available in Your Country

If the app is not available in your country, I can’t help. Sorry.

iOS Users Get Paid via PayPal Instead of Google Play Gift Cards

At the time of writing this guide, I am temporarily using an iPhone, and instead of gift cards, I get paid $2 (USD) by PayPal as my cashout option. It would be nice if Google gave Android users the option as well.

So keep in mind that your device choice changes the payouts. On Android devices, you get Google Play gift cards. On iOS, you get paid money.

‎Google Opinion Rewards
‎Google Opinion Rewards
Developer: Google
Price: Free

How Google Opinion Rewards Works

You answer surveys and respond to questions. There is only one rule that matters. Never lie!

You earn gift cards (or money if you have iOS) after completing most surveys. The reward you get from surveys varies. The highest reward I ever got from a survey was $1 (USD).

Don’t expect to get Google Play rich using this app. But with enough time, you should earn enough gift funds to buy several apps.

The main Google Opinion Rewards screen.
Screenshot of Google Opinion Rewards app Android app.

The Kinds of Surveys You Get

Demographic Surveys

First, you will need to answer some demographic surveys. Doing all of them will lead to you getting reward surveys.

Shopping Related Questions

Often I am asked about places I went to and how I paid for things. Sometimes the app asks to see a receipt.

I often say no as I throw all of mine away. As far I can tell there, is no difference in earnings between saying no or yes.

Location Surveys

I frequently get surveys asking if I have been somewhere.

According to Reddit user pmmucsd, Google uses these types of surveys to test and improve location data.

We use many of these location based surveys to improve our maps products.

pmmucsd on Reddit.

Other Surveys

I sometimes get surveys asking me things about Google Search, YouTube, and other Google related products. The app asks me about specific web searches I did and why.

A Google Opinion Rewards survey.
Screenshot of Google Opinion Rewards app Android app.

The Google Play Gift Card Rewards Expire After a Year

One of the most annoying things about the Google Opinion Rewards app is that each reward counts as a separate gift card.

Each of these micro gift cards expires after a year of you earning them.

Any accrued rewards expire 1 year from the date of credit.

Google Opinion Rewards Terms of Service

So while you can save gift card funds for a while, you will need to buy something before the funds expire!

I find this to be quite disappointing. You can save Amazon gift cards forever! These gift card funds never expire.

You can check the next date your oldest Google Play gift card funds expire in two places.

  • On the Google Opinion Rewards app on the main screen.
  • Go to the payment options in Google Play and see your gift card information

How to Earn the Most Google Play Gift Funds From Google Opinion Rewards

  • Take as many surveys as possible.
  • Pay attention to the questions and answer honestly.
  • Complete your profile.
  • Allow location services.
  • Take your phone with when you go to stores.
  • Use Google apps and programs often.

The Amount of Google Play Gift Cards I Earned With Google Opinion Rewards

Since I have started using the app, I have completed 362 surveys and earned $83.69 (USD) in Google Play gift card funds.

Not a lot of money. But seeing how I often used the funds for in-app purchases in games, I would say it was worth it.

I have taken 362 surveys and earned $83.69 (USD).
Screenshot of Google Opinion Rewards app Android app.

The Things I Buy Play Store Gift Cards

  • Games – I have bought a few paid games this way. I plan on buying more for AndroidGamingFox.
  • Icon packs – I just think they are neat.
  • Apps – I will pay for an app if I feel it is worth it.
  • In-app purchases – I often pay to remove ads in apps. I sometimes buy coins, diamonds, gems, crystals, etc.
  • I once paid for a month of YouTube Premium.
  • I rented a few movies on Play Video.
  • I bought an ebook on Play Books once.