About Gardenscapes

Another Keep It or Delete It Review

This is the third game in the Keep it or Delete Review Series. Gardenscapes is a match three puzzle game made by Playrix. I have not heard of this company before until very recently.

How I Played Gardenscapes

I have played this game off and on for quite a while. I play the game on my smartphone, and I was playing level 167 and Day 4 at the time of this review.

Gameplay Review

The Game Is Fun but Feels Slow

The game is somewhat fun to play, but It feels a bit slower than I would like. I have been playing faster-paced match three games more recently so that factors into things.

The powerups are fun to use, and beating the puzzles is fun as well.

There Is Some Variety in Levels

There is also a nice variety in levels, but things progress somewhat slower as the game has thousands of levels. This can be good or bad, depending on how much you like the game.

The Story in Gardenscapes

The story in Gardenscapes is OK. I honestly would not play this game for the story as it doesn’t excite me or interest me much. The story like the name implies is about fixing up the gardens and outdoor areas of a house you inherit.

You progress to different areas as you beat levels and fix and repair various things.

The Story to Me Was Boring

I sometimes forget why I am even doing story tasks. This happened when I came back to the game to review it. The story is just not too interesting to me, and a bit slow.

As with other games like this, I tend to collect the stars or whatever story currency is being used and then progress in the story when I am done playing for the day.

The Game Has Nice Events

The game has somewhat nice events. It is possible to earn free coins when you need it. There are also leaderboard events if you like that sort of thing.

Presentation Review

The Game Looks Nice

I am still not a fan of the 3D animations, but they look nice enough in this game. The game area looks great, and I like how the match three pieces and other puzzle elements look. I like the colorful graphics of this game.

I Like How the Match Pieces and Animations Look

The game area is somewhat exciting with its explosive powerups and interesting animations. I wish more games had more active matching animations like this game.

The Game Sounds Great

The game also sounds great. I like the sounds enough in this game to feel like I am missing something when the game is muted. The music is nice as well.

I tend to prefer more action-orientated music than relaxing music, but it works for this game.

Spending Factor Review

Same in Game Store as With Most Games

There is the usual in-app store here. This time you are buying coins. You use them for what you would expect.

You buy boosters and powerups and to continue levels when you lose. You can also use coins to progress in the story faster. More on this later.

Gardenscapes Is Fair

As long I feel as if you don’t need to buy coins, I can live with these types of purchases. I feel as this game is quite fair with its coins. I have not seen a level yet that I could not beat by using free boosters and powerups.

I do sometimes spend coins to end a level instead of retying it.

Annoyance Factor Review

There Are No Ads in This Game

First, the game has no ads. So if you hate viewing ads in games, this will be a huge plus for you. You can watch optional ads for coins, but you choose to do this.

This Game Has a Life Timer

Like in most match three games, you have to wait time to play the game after running out of lives. Being locked out of playing a game is annoying, as I want to play games when I want to.

I could go in too deep details on why this is annoying and somewhat greedy. But I think most people agree that life timers suck and are part of the reason why people don’t like mobile games as much.

You Need to Wait for Some Tasks to Be Completed

The one thing that irritates me about this game is that it makes you wait for some tasks to be completed.

You save up your two stars to fix a fountain or whatever, and then the game makes you wait like 45 minutes to complete the whole task.

The game makes you wait as if this task is being completed in real-time. This is a method for the developers to make more money as you can spend coins to skip the wait.

To be semi-fair, the amount of coins you need to spend is somewhat low. You can start these tasks, and then play levels while waiting for them to be completed as well.

But just because there are ways to play around this time-gating does not make it not annoying.

This Game Spams Notifications

The game also is somewhat spammy with the notifications. It often sends me notifications for no reason other to beg me to play the game more.

When games use notifications for anything else other than updates or important game information, I get annoyed.

The Story Is Slow and Feels Like a List of Chores

I mentioned this before in the gameplay section, but the story feels very slow. This is because the game has thousands of levels, and I guess they can’t have you fix everything on the first day.

But instead of feeling like an epic story, it just feels like real life chores. The game makes you spend stars on the tiniest of tasks. This is how the story feels in some “days” in the game. I am not exaggerating much here.

So it feels like you are beating levels to complete a list of chores. For a game to work like this, the tasks need to feel meaningful and make the player feel good for beating them.

Gardenscapes needs a huge overall of the whole game to fix this, though.

I Would Love to See a Match Three Game With Interesting Tasks

I would be curious to see a game do this formula and get it right. Make a game with tasks, but every task completed is amazing, and I feel like I am doing something exciting. I have not seen a game do this yet.

My Overall Thoughts on Gardenscapes

Gardenscapes looks and sounds great, and it is also somewhat fun to play. But the story is slow-paced and quite boring. I suppose if you can overlook the lack of excitement in the story, you will enjoy the game.

The main appeal to this game is that there are not constant ads shown between levels.

A 3 star review

Will I Continue to Play Gardenscapes?

No, I will not play Gardenscapes anymore. There are too many puzzle games, to spend time in a game I don’t like that much. I played the game to review it, but I won’t be playing this game again.

The game was deleted from my phone soon after this review.

Do I recommend Gardenscapes?

I suppose if you like match three games and the idea of fixing up a garden interests you will love Gardenscapes. But if you just want more match three games to play then no.

There is plenty of better match three games than Gardenscapes.