Fourth Blog Update Post

I have done quite a bit on my blog recently, so it seems like a good time to write another blog update post.

I reviewed Dragalia Lost. I think the review turned out great. The review took a little longer than planned but I finished it. Going forward I know I need to play on things a bit better.

I also in the process of moving some content I created in the past to my blog. I wrote some guides for poker games, and I am moving them. I also plan on writing more content related to poker. I love to play poker for fun and write about it.

I don’t plan my blog to 100% focus on poker though. As I am not a professional player and I only play for fun. But previous online writing shows me people are searching for things, and I think this niche for work for me.

As for the next big piece of content from me. I plan on reviewing Candy Friends Saga.

I have created a plan of posts to do for quite a while, so things are planned.

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