How to Earn WSOP Bracelet Points



This guide will go over what bracelets are in the WSOP mobile game. I will explain how to earn WSOP bracelet points and give advice on how to earn them faster.

WSOP Game Logo
The WSOP game logo.

What Is the Point of Earning Bracelets?

Collecting bracelets in the game give you extra chips, and the event bracelets give a huge bonus in chips. Collecting the bracelets is also a way to show off your poker skills and let others know you are serious about playing poker.

I have not seen many players with the more rare bracelets so having them would put you in a very small elite group of players in the game.

Also what semi-serious poker has not thought of winning a WSOP Main Event Bracelet? I used to follow WSOP, and I thought it would be cool to win the WSOP Main Event and receive the bracelet and prize money.

The mobile game is here to let me earn my virtual bracelet, and I like working towards long-term poker goals. Any good poker player will tell you poker is about winning long term and these goals are great markers for these types of goals.

What Bracelets Are There?

As of right now, there are five main bracelets. Poker Pro, Mahogany, Chromium, Cobalt, and Quartz bracelets.

WSOP Game Poker Pro Collection
This is the first bracelet and the chip collection.

But the game has event bracelets as well. There are two Cash Dash Bracelets, and they are the Sprinter and Charger bracelets. You can also collect two Poker Roulette Bracelets, and they are the Sheriff and Ranger Bracelets.

There is also an Executive Bracelet earned by playing Executive Hold’Em. Executive Hold’Em is a very expensive buy-in event that WSOP occasionally runs.

It is possible there will be more Bracelets in the future, so I recommend you keep up with game events and changes by checking the Facebook page.

How to Get Bracelets

To earn a standard bracelet in the game you have to collect chips in a collection, and each collection so far has ten chips. You earn WSOP bracelet points (BP) to get the collection chips, and you earn BP by winning hands.

I am not quite sure what the base rate of earning WSOP bracelet points without momentum is but it is low.

Event bracelets are somewhat different than the standard bracelets. For event bracelets, you still earn BP to collect chips, but the bracelet points expire if you do not collect the required amount of points for that current event. This fact puts more pressure on players to earn many points during events.

The Key Strategies to Earning Bracelet Points

  • Take advantage of momentum.
  • Play enough poker to get into higher clubs.
  • Take advantage of missions.
  • Take advantage of events.
  • Play higher limits.

Taking advantage of this strategy will make sure you get the bracelets as long as you play poker well.

What is Momentum?

You earn momentum by playing hands and staying at a table. As your momentum builds, you earn a higher momentum multiplier and having a higher multiplier earns you more bracelet points (BP). If you want to earn the most bracelet points you need to play as long it takes to get the most momentum.

Note that for event bracelets as you play hands you build up a lifetime momentum multiplier and this bonus can be seen in your profile. Part of the strategy of collecting event bracelet is playing many hands to build this bonus up.

How to Get Momentum from Being in Clubs

Clubs are a way to earn more momentum and more bracelet points. Being in certain clubs gives you an extra BP multiplier.

  • There is no bonus for being in Jacks and Queens.
  • There is a multiplier bonus of one for being in Kings and Aces.
  • Being in Masters gives a multiplier bonus of two.
  • Being in Grand Masters multiplier bonus of three.
WSOP Game Kings Club Benefits
These are the benefits the kings club offers.

If you play poker often and play enough to earn the required chips to stay in clubs, this will definitely help the grind towards getting more bracelet points. You can never have too little momentum, and more is always good.

What Are Missions?

Missions are things the game wants you to do while playing poker. There are two types of missions, and they are daily and weekly. You get one weekly mission and multiple dailies. Here are some examples of missions I have seen.

  • Play x amount of hands.
  • Win x amount of hands.
  • Earn an x amount of experience points.
  • Earn an x amount of bracelet points (BP).
  • Get x hand.

For example make a flush, straight, etc. Note while the game says to make the hand if somebody else gets the hand and you are on the table it counts as well.

  • Win x amount of chips at the slot machine.
  • Collect the x amount of free chips.

What Are the Mission Rewards

You can complete multiple missions at once and there different types of rewards. Here are some but not all the rewards you can receive.

  • Bracelet points (BP).
  • Bonus momentum points.
  • Bonus momentum multiplier.
  • Free slot spins (at a low bet).
  • Extra golden wedges on the mega bonus wheel.
  • Extra Poker Recall cards.

How to Use Mission Rewards

You do not need to use mission rewards the moment you complete a mission, and there is a time limit on how before mission rewards vanish. Knowing about this allows you use multiple mission reward effects at once. So I save up multiple momentum multipliers and bonus points and use them at the same time.

Once you use an effect, you want to play on a table for a while to take advantage of the effects while you can. The effects last about an hour so playing poker for 30 to 45 minutes at least is a good idea. But remember once you leave a table, any momentum you have disappears.

I have been on tables that are empty, and nobody joins, so I leave the table and try to find a new one. When this happens, it is very annoying as I end up losing momentum and any bonuses I had moving to a new table.

Taking Advantage of Events

The game has events, and some events give bonus BP multipliers. Some events have missions about earning BP, and these WSOP bracelet point focused events are a great way to track your progress.

Consider Playing in Higher Limits

If you want to get WSOP bracelet points faster, you can play at higher limits. But keep in mind the size of your bankroll when choosing what limits to play.

Play too risky, and you may lose many chips. I play poker to build up my chips overtime, and I dislike playing very risky. So I use a strict bankroll management system.

You Can Do It!

Everybody can get bracelets! The main deciding factors are how long will it take and how many chips you have. If you are semi-serious about playing poker, you will get the WSOP bracelet points you need eventually.