This Is a Review of the Game When It Was New

This review was written soon after Dragalia Lost was released. I considering updating the review but I don’t want to play the game enough to do that.

I am going to leave this review up though as it is my genuine thoughts about the game when it was released.

Dragalia Lost Review Information

What Kind of Game Is Dragalia Lost?

Gameplay wise this is an action game. You control a group of units with the touch screen and attack by tapping.

This is also a Gashapon game. This means there are many things to summon and collect. More rare and better things are harder to get.

How Do You Play Dragalia Lost?

There Are Many Things to Learn About

The game has many things to learn. Use other resources for tips and guidance on how to play the game.

Game Controls

You control a group of four adventurers. Each party member can have a type. There are type effectiveness and weaknesses in this game. This reminds me other mobile games like Puzzle and Dragons and Brave Frontier.

In single player, you control one unit, and the AI controls the rest. You can switch between units whenever you want.  In co-op, you only control one unit, and other players control the rest.

The Goal of Dragalia Lost

The gameplay of the Dragalia Lost is basic. You swipe the screen to move, and you tap to attack. There are special moves you can use every once and awhile. When you build up enough energy, you can also transform into a dragon for a brief period.

The main goal of most missions is to get to the end of a level and beat a boss. I have seen other objectives in the game. Like defeating so many enemies sometimes.

How to Level up Things

The main goal outside of levels is to have the strongest units, dragons, and items. All of these things have levels and ways to raise the level cap. How you do this is different for each thing, and each one has different items required.

How the Castle Works in Dragalia Lost

At one point in the game’s story get a castle. This castle is where you build things for bonuses when you are not playing the game. The castle and the buildings you build also have levels and you use coins and items to level up them up.

Dragalia Lost Castle

Being Friends with the Dragons

You can also raise the affection level of dragons. You do this by giving them gifts (that you buy of course) at the castle. Doing this lets you transform into that dragon for longer, and they give you items back.

The dragon Misdgordsormr
You can give the dragons gifts.

Dragalia Lost Summons

You get new units by summoning them. You can spend Wyrmite to summon them. This is the currency you get while playing the game. You can buy a premium currency which is called Diamantium and use it to summon units as well.

What a name! I guess gold or purple gems was not cool enough.

Gameplay Review

What I Think About the Gameplay

The main goal of the game is to defeat a bunch of weak enemies and defeat a boss. In fact, this game reminds me of Pokémon Rumble World. This is a much simpler 3DS game, but it has the same concepts.

Calling this game boring is harsh, but I can see this type of game play getting stale.

Playing with Other People Is Fun

Playing with real people was much more fun as people (most of the time) were most efficient and better players than the AI. I recommend playing co-op whenever possible. This is the best way to experience the game no matter what missions or mode you are playing.

Being a Dragon Is Fun but Not as Cool as It Sounds

Also, despite being a huge factor of the story and marketing transforming into a dragon is not as exciting as it sounds. You get to use a skill, attack for a little, and then you turn back into your original character.  Being a dragon at least with low level dragons was short.

Most of the people wait until the boss and all transform at once and then finish the boss off. It feels more like a finisher move if anything. Another thing to note is you don’t take damage while transformed so I can see this being used as a defensive tactic as well.

To be fair the animation of the transformation is great, and being the dragons is very fun. I only wish you could transform for longer or more often.

Leveling System Could Be Simpler

I don’t like the complex leveling systems I needed to learn to understand anything.  The complexity in this game comes from learning how to manage everything.

Presentation Review

How the Game Looks

Presentation is where the game shines. The game presents itself well in multiple ways. The game looks and sounds nice. The 3D graphics are a bit on the simple side but considering this game must run on mobile devices it makes sense. The animations and character models look nice

How the Game Sounds

The music is very good. I do not say this about many mobile games, and most games have forgettable music. I could not understand a single song lyric though.


This game has enough story to mention what I think about it. Overall it is OK, and the story reminds me of anime. You are a prince sent to make a pact with a dragon. Along the way, you meet people who join your group.

Without spoiling the plot, I have seen so far, things are basic to me. I do not mean the story is bad but if I ignored it not much would change about the game.

So far, the characters I have enjoyed learning about the most are the dragons. They are not mindless creatures in this game, and they each have their own personality.

While I can tell a good amount of effort was put into making the story and the characters it is not so compelling, I would play the game for it alone.

Spending Factor Review

You Need to Spend Money to Get Summons

I could see how somebody could spend hundreds of dollars in a day on a game like this. Dragalia Lost is free to play, and it gives you free summons. If you want a specific item, you might need to spend money though to get it.

So Far I Am Getting Plenty of Free Things

So far, the game feels fair with what I have seen, but I have not gotten deep into the story or tried the very hard game modes. What I can say is the game so far is very generous. I get Wyrmite after doing almost anything.

I don’t know if this level of generosity is going to stay long term or not.

Annoyance Factor Review

The Game Is Not Very Annoying

Most Gashapon games are not annoying. Games like this don’t need to be when players spend hundreds and some cases thousands of dollars on in-app purchases. The game reminds you of new summons and events, but it does so little I don’t find it to be annoying.

There are no ads and the game does not spam notifications.

You Can Run out of Stamina

The game has a stamina system, but I have not played enough to run out of stamina once yet. Also, every time you level up the stamina bar overfills. There are items to restore stamina if you need to and you spend in-game currency to do this as well.

The system lets you play without too much pressure. Only the hugest fans who play the game for long periods of time will be left waiting.

My Overall Thoughts on Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost is a fun game that presents itself well. People may get annoyed at the learning curve of the game. Some people may avoid the game for its Gashapon elements. 

Overall the game is polished, and it is quite better than other free to play games. It is not the best I have seen though.

A 4 star review makes the AndroidGamingFox happy

Will I Keep Playing Dragalia Lost?

I will not play Dragalia Lost anymore. While I can see the appeal of such a game, I don’t personally enjoy these huge epic grindy games.

Would I Recommend People Play Dragalia Lost?

If you are patient enough to learn all the systems and how to upgrade everything you probably will enjoy Dragalia Lost. There are not any major downsides I can think of. I would recommend Dragalia Lost to people who like grindy RPG mobile games.