AndroidGamingFox December 2018 Blog Update


My First Blog Update Post

This is the first monthly update post for AndroidGamingFox. I am going to go over how the month went and what I plan on doing next.

I Am Taking a Break of Sorts

I am going to focus a tad bit less on my blog for a few months. I am in the process of finding work and writing content for other platforms. I still will write content for my blog but maybe only one or two new pieces a month for a while.

Recent content

Best Fiends Review

I play Best Fiends often so reviewing this game was fun. I noted some negative things in the review, but overall I like the game.

Wordament Update Review

I reviewed the updated version of Wordament. I spent some time thinking about this. I was debating rewriting the original review instead. I decided to keep that one and write another review pointing out the things that have changed.

Poker Content

I wanted to write guides for my favorite poker games. This month I wrote guides for WSOP Crown Hold’em and Poker Heat Red Attack. These are both alternative formats of poker you can play in these games.

I plan on writing more of these style guides in the future. There are so many limited-time events to cover, and I want to try to write about many as possible.

Future Content

I have some reviews planned to write. The next game I will review will most likely be Cookie Cats. I have played this game quite a bit, and it is a favorite of mine. I promised to review the game on Twitter, and the game’s Twitter account liked the tweet!

As for other content, I will write more poker guides like mentioned before. There are other guides and content I want to write for games as well, but I am still figuring this out.


I know ads are annoying. But my blog is costing me $10 a month, and I am trying to offset this cost by making money somehow. Adsense Ads seem to be the easiest option for now. I tried to find a balance with my ad placement that doesn’t annoy people too much.

Either way, I am getting too low views to make any money right now. So my blog is still costing me money. I don’t mind paying though as I see this blog a long-term project.


Now that the number of subscribers on my blog has built up quite a bit I am considering some form of emails to send to people. I know email spam is annoying so I won’t send too many. I probably will only send out emails a few times a month.

These emails will be reminders of the content I have recently written and reminders about writing reviews.

Social Media

Remember that I post on social media often!


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