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Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga Review

Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga review featured image.

Another Deleted King Game

I seem to have a knack for writing about games that get deleted.

I will leave the review up for historical purposes. The review also still fits into the review series.

It is a shame as Fern seemed like an interesting character.

Tap the Blocks

Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga is the 16th game in my Keep It or Delete It review series. Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga is match three puzzle game.

A disk, and a circle with a x in it.

Review information

I downloaded this game months ago, and I forgot about it. I did not like the original Pet Rescue Saga very much, but I was willing to give this new and different version of the game a try.

I played the game the past two days for this review. I play the game on my LG V20 Android smartphone. At this time of this review, I had reached level 36.

GamePlay Review

This Game Is Fun

The game is quite fun to play. The game has the standard match three type puzzles that King are experts at. There are multiple level types, and they all feel very fun to play.

You create and use powerups to solve multiple types of levels. You can also use special powerups when you are stuck. You have a limited number of these to use, though unless you spent in game currency.

The Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga world map.
Screenshot of Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga Android game.

You Save and Collect Pets

As you play the game, you collect pets. These pets have their own house, and you build new rooms and buy items for pets.

This is somewhat neat, but I honestly did not pay too much attention to the pets. The free things you get from the pets are neat, though.

The Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga house. Multiple pets are shown.
Screenshot of Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga Android game.

The Game Has Some Events

The game has some events of sorts. You can collect keys to get extra coins. These coins are used to buy the powerups use in levels.

The game does not have too many events compared to other King games and other match three games in general.

Raccon Robbers steal coins when you give them keys.
Screenshot of Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga Android game.

Presentation Review

The Game Looks Great

The game looks great! I love the art style, and this is one of the better-looking games from King. They know how to make a game look good, seeing how they have made so many.

A Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga level. Clouds are pets are shown.
Screenshot of Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga Android game.

Fern Is a Cute Main Character

The game’s main character is a vixen, and her name is Fern. She interacts with you in many areas while playing the game. It should be no surprise I like foxes. My blog mascot is an Arctic Fox.

Fern is a very interesting character. She emotes and has a personality. If she was only a static character that stared at you, this would be quite boring.

When you have few moves playing a level, she nervously points out this out to you. She is trying to let you know you might lose. When you lose a level, she does a facepalm. When you win, she jumps for joy.

Fern looks nervous before you run out of moves in levels.
Screenshot of Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga Android game.

The Game Has a Lot of Neat Details

Another little detail is when you use a powerup near a pet, the game puts a helmet on their heads. This is the kind of polish that makes a good match three game.

How Does This Game Get You to Spend Money?

The Game Sells a Currency

Like in almost every King game, you can buy gold bars. This gold is used for powerups in levels and continuing levels when you run out of moves.

Is This Game Fair for People Who Don’t Spend Money?

So far, the game seems very fair. I never felt the need to use a lot gold or coins to beat any level. So I don’t mind this free to play model.

The Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga store. You can buy gold.
Screenshot of Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga Android game.

How Does This Game Annoy You?

This game has a 30 minute life timer. This is quite long and annoying. I suppose, in this case, this timer is not so bad. Because the game has no other annoyances.

This does not change the fact that waiting for so long is boring.

Overall Thoughts on Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga

Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga is a great game, and my favorite King games. The game has a lot of personality, and looks great.

A 4 star review makes the AndroidGamingFox happy

Will I Keep on Playing Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga?

I enjoyed the game but not enough to keep on playing it.

Do I Recommend Playing Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga?

This is one of the better King games. Yes, I recommend playing it.