Spell Blitz Review

Spell Blitz Review Information Why Did I Decide to Play and Review Spell Blitz? I had some thoughts about Spell Blitz and I thought it would be great for my blog. AndroidGamingFox. Found this game while browsing Google Play. Played Spell Blitz for a few months. Here is the Google Play link for the game. […]

Wordament Review

Wordament Game Icon

What is Wordament? Wordament is a game about finding many words. The game was originally was a multiplayer only game, but now there are some single player levels. Gameplay Review Wordament Is a Competitive Game At its core, Wordament is a very competitive game but don’t feel like you need to be competitive to enjoy […]

Lightning Rounds Words with Friends 2

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Play Words with Friends 2 Lightning Rounds Better I love to play Words With Friends 2 Lightning Rounds. I am going to explain the strategies I have learned so you can score more points and win more often. Read on to learn my Words with Friends 2 Lightning Round tips. If you like this guide, you […]

Word Link Review

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Word Link Review Information At the time of this review, Word Link was one of the top five free games on Google Play, and I was curious to see why. So I played the game to review it. Here is the Google Play link for the game. Reviewed the game for two days. I played […]