AndroidGamingFox Blog Update #8 July 2019

The AndroidGamingFox making a cut pose.

I Made a Lot of Internal Changes This Month

New Theme

First, I changed my WordPress theme. I am no longer using the Splash theme I bought. I somewhat regret buying the theme. Too late for that now, I suppose. At least the theme helped me get my website going.

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AndroidGamingFox Blog Update #6 May 2019

The AndroidGamingFox is standing and not making any kind of face.

Another Month of Blogging on AndroidGamingFox!

I did not write a huge amount of content in April for AndroidGamingFox, but I did write a few reviews and a guide this month.

I had promised some developers I would look at their games, and I focused on writing that content.

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AndroidGamingFox Blog Update #5 April 2019

AndroidGamingFox making a derp face.

What I Did on AndroidGamingFox This Month?

I am going to need to be honest about this situation. Not much blogging was done this month on AndroidGamingFox.

There multiple reasons why I wrote so little. Laziness, being busy with school work, working online, etc. I did complete one review this month though.

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