Spell Blitz Review

Spell Blitz Review Information Why Did I Decide to Play and Review Spell Blitz? I had some thoughts about Spell Blitz and I thought it would be great for my blog. AndroidGamingFox. Found this game while browsing Google Play. Played Spell Blitz for a few months. Here is the Google Play link for the game. […]

Aldarix the Battlemage Review

Aldarix the Battlemage Review Information Why Did I Play Aldarix the Battlemage? The developer sent me an email asking me to review Aldarix the Battlemage. I love turn-based strategy games, and I decided to play the game with intentions of reviewing it. Therefore I promised the developers I would review the game when I had […]

Mirrors Review

Mirrors Review Introduction Why Did I Play Mirrors? The developer of the game Mirrors contacted me. They asked me to write about the game so my blog viewers can learn about it. I decided to write a review of the game as I wanted to see how good the game it is. I also wanted […]

Snowy Day Review

Information About the Snowy Day Review Why did I decide to play and review this game? The developer @frombrood sent me a direct message on Twitter about Snowy Day. At the time I was accepting invitations to review and play Android games, so I decided to give the game a try. How Did I Review […]

Meow Match Review

Meow Match App Icon

Meow Match Is a Match Three Game with Cats! Meow Match: Cats Matching 3 Puzzle & Ball Blast is a match three puzzle game made by Ember Entertainment. I am going to refer to the game as Meow Match from now on. Meow Match appeared in an ad while I was collecting premium currency in […]

Squeelings Review

Squeelings Is a Game About Making Creatures Happy Squeelings is a puzzle game about cheering up tiny creatures. I am going to express my thoughts on the game by reviewing it. Here it the Google Play link. Squeelings Review Information Why Did Review Squeelings? The developer contacted me by email. They wrote me a nice […]

Cookie Cats Review

Cookie Cats Level Example

A Game About Singing Cats Cookie Cats is one of three games by Tactile Games about a group of singing cats. All three games are match three games. I am going to review the first game. Cookie Cats. Cookie Cats Review Information I have played this game for over a year. I have played this […]

Wordament Review

Wordament Game Icon

What is Wordament? Wordament is a game about finding many words. The game was originally was a multiplayer only game, but now there are some single player levels. Gameplay Review Wordament Is a Competitive Game At its core, Wordament is a very competitive game but don’t feel like you need to be competitive to enjoy […]

Best Fiends Review

Best Fiends Game Icon

Who Made Best Fiends? Best Fiends is one of two games from Seriously. Both games have the fiends as main characters. Here is a link to the game on Google Play. Review Information Best Fiends is on Facebook, and I have also downloaded the game on my Chromebook and LG V20 smartphone. I have played […]

Candy Crush Friends Saga Review

Candy Crush Friends Saga App Icon

Another Candy Crush Game!? Candy Crush Friends Saga is the fourth Candy Crush Saga game. King makes the Candy Crush Saga games. You probably have heard at least one of their mobile games before. Review Information I played Candy Crush Friends Saga on and off for about a week or so, and I played until […]