Best Fiends Mega Boost Guide

The AndroidGamingFox Best Fiends mega boost guide featured image.

Learn About Best Fiends Mega Boost

I frequently saw popups and reminders to use mega boosts in Best Fiends. I was curious enough to learn about them to pay gold to get a boost.

In this post, I will explain what Best Fiends mega boosts are. I will also explain if I think they are worth spending gold on.

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Words with Friends 2 Lightning Rounds Guide

Lightning Round - May the fastest team win!

Play Words with Friends 2 Lightning Rounds Better

Lightning Rounds in Words with Friends 2 is a team-based game. You win when your team scores 750 points first.

I love to play Words With Friends 2 Lightning Rounds. I am going to explain the strategies I have learned so you can score more points and win more often.

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