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Candy Crush Saga VS Best Fiends Stars

Stars and Candy!

In this post, I compare Candy Crush Saga and Best Fiends Stars. Both games are traditional match-three games.

Let’s find out what game is the best match-three puzzle game!

Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga
Developer: King
Price: Free

How the Post Works

I am going to compare both games on several key points.

  • What game is more fun?
  • What game is less annoying?
  • What game has the better presentation?

Then I will voice my overall thoughts on both games. The game with the higher score is the winner.

Since there are three points, there will be no ties. Let’s get started!

Information About the Games

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is the first Candy Crush game. It is a match three puzzle game made by King, and you move candies to create matches.

Best Fiends Stars

Best Fiends Stars is a match-three game made by Seriously. Best Fiends Stars is the third Best Fiends game.

My Past Experiences With the Games

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga was one of the first mobile games I remember playing often. Overall I enjoy the game, and I like the changes made over the years.

Best Fiends Stars

I found out about Best Fiends Stars on Google Play while looking around. I don’t play Best Fiends Stars often as Best Fiends, but I enjoy playing it.

What Game Is More Fun to Play?

Basic Game Mechanics Compared

Candy Crush Saga is a traditional match-three game. You move candies to create matches and solve puzzles.

In Best Fiends Stars, you create lines with pieces to make matches.

Making matches like this is a somewhat different mechanic. But I have seen some other match-three games have this mechanic.

I like the matching in Best Fiends Stars slightly more. It feels more rewarding to create long chains.

Creating standard matches is a bit old and common. So I like the Best Fiends Stars matching better.

Level Types Compared

Both games have similar level types. I feel that Best Fiends Stars has more things in them, and the levels feel more different.

While both games have similar goals, I feel Best Fiends Stars has more fun levels and elements.

Game Events and Extra Content Compared

Best Fiends Stars have Star Pass events often. In these events, you can get rewards as you play them.

Candy Crush Saga has many types of events and extra ways to get things. Candy Crush Saga has better events and more things to do. I like the events in Candy Crush Saga overall.

There are multiple events on the Candy Crush Saga event screen.
Screenshot of the Candy Crush Saga Android game.

Overall Gameplay Comparison

I like the basic game mechanics in Best Fiends Stars more. But I like the events and things to do in Candy Crush Saga more.

Candy Crush Saga is More Fun

I like the matching in Best Fiends Stars more. But overall, I enjoy Candy Crush Saga slightly more.

Traditional swapping match-three games are my favorite types of puzzle games. Candy Crush Saga is a bit dated and considered the stereotypical match-three game.

But I still enjoy playing the game, and I would say I like the game over most match-three games.

The Candy Crush app icon.
Screenshot of Candy Crush Soda Saga app icon on Google Play.

What Game Is Less Annoying?

Number of Ads

Candy Crush Saga rarely has ads for anything else other than other King games. Best Fiends Stars does not have any ads other than optional rewarded videos.

Other Annoyances

Both games can be quite annoying. They both have tiny nags often here and there.

I feel Candy Crush Saga is slightly more annoying. With how often it tries to get you to buy things and stop you from trying to end levels.

Best Fiends Stars is Less Annoying

Best Fiends Stars is slightly less annoying. The only annoyance is the Star Pass reminders.

The Best Fiends Stars app icon.
Screenshot of Best Fiends Stars app icon on Google Play.

What Game has the Better Presentation?

Appearance Comparison

Best Stars is more expressive and looks more modern.

Candy Crush Saga is an old game. While King has updated the game to look better, it still is somewhat older looking.

Best Fiends Stars has better animations as well.

The Candy Crush Saga world map.
Screenshot of the Candy Crush Saga Android game.
The Best Fiends Stars world map.
Screenshot of Best Fiends Stars Android game.

Sound Comparison

Best Fiends Stars sounds better overall. Best Fiends has nicer music too.

But the sounds and music in Candy Crush are OK, I suppose.

Best Fiends Stars Has the Better Presentation

Best Fiends Stars looks and sounds quite better.

I also think the fiends are very cute and I like learning more about them.

The Best Fiends Stars app icon.
Screenshot of Best Fiends Stars app icon on Google Play.

Overall Thoughts on Both Games

Both games are match-three type games.

I feel Best Fiends has more things in them. But Candy Crush has better events and extras.

Overall I slightly like Best Fiends better a tiny more.

Game Score Comparison

  • Candy Crush Saga Score: 1
  • Best Fiends Stars: 2

Best Fiends Stars is the Winner!

Overall I enjoy Best Fiends Stars more.

Candy Crush Saga feels familiar, and playing the game is like eating a favorite meal from a restaurant I like.

But familiarity is not always the best. I somewhat like trying newer match-three games to see what they do differently.

That is the main reason I enjoy Best Fiends Stars more.

Best Fiends stars wins!