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Candy Crush Saga Boosters Guide

Candy Crush Saga Boosters Guide 1

Sometimes You Just Need a Little More

In this guide, I am going to explain what the boosters in Candy Crush Saga are and how you use them.

Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga
Developer: King
Price: Free

About the Inventory

You can see your inventory by tapping on your profile picture near the top of the screen. Here you can see all the boosters you currently hold.

The Candy Crush Saga inventory screen.
Screenshot of Candy Crush Friends Saga Android game.

What Are Boosters in Candy Crush Saga?

Boosters are things you can use at the start of levels or in levels to make them easier. I will explain what each booster does soon enough. It is important to note that boosters are a limited resource. You have to spend gold bars to get more or earn more from events in the game.

Level Start Boosters

These are all the boosters you can use before the start of levels in Candy Crush Saga.
Screenshot of Candy Crush Friends Saga Android game.

About Level Start Boosters

The first set of boosters you use at the start of levels.

  • Start levels with a color bomb
  • Start levels with one wrapped and striped candy
  • Jelly fish candy will be on levels
  • Coconut wheels will be on levels
  • Lucky Candies will be on levels

There are some things to note about these previously mentioned boosters.

  • Coconut wheels only are used in gummi dragon levels
  • Lucky candies are only used in order levels
  • Jelly fish candy is only used in jelly levels

Color Bomb Booster

You start a level with a color bomb. The candy is randomly placed on the level on the first move.

Often levels can be hard because of the number of different colored candies on the screen. Getting rid of all of one color often gives you a slightly easier start to a level. Also, some order levels will require color bombs. Using this booster gives you an easy start in those levels.

This booster is pretty common, and I would use them whenever you feel best. I don’t worry too much about how I use this one. Often if I am using the other boosters, I will use this one as well.

Coconut Wheel Booster

You can only use this booster in gummi dragon levels. When used, a coconut wheel will be on levels when you start.

This booster makes gummi dragon levels very easy, and the booster is very common to get. I would use this one on any hard gummi dragon level you are stuck on. Often if I use this booster, I will use the color bomb and the striped and wrapped candy booster at the same time.

Jelly Fish Candy Booster

A Candy Crush Saga jelly fish.
Screenshot of Candy Crush Friends Saga Android game.

You can only use this booster on jelly levels.

When you use this booster, jelly fish will show up on levels. I am not sure what determines how many show up, as this is different for each level. Some levels only have one or two show up. Some levels have multiple appear. It seems so random.

This booster is one of the best in the game. Jelly levels can be the hardest levels to beat.

I often save this booster only for the hardest jelly levels. This booster is not as common as the others, and it is easy to use many trying to be a very difficult level.

Lucky Candy Booster

A Candy Crush Saga lucky candy.
Screenshot of Candy Crush Friends Saga Android game.

This booster is only available on order levels.

When you match a lucky candy, you will get something you need to beat an ingredient level.

This booster is the most useful on the hardest order levels. I often use it on levels that need many color bombs or wrapped candies. The booster is uncommon. So I try to use it only when I need it.

Striped and Wrapped Candy Booster

With this booster, you start levels with one striped and wrapped candy.

This booster is very common. Honestly, I don’t think on most levels it helps that much. I use this booster often as possible since it is common. I often use this booster with any other booster I can use.

Boosters You Use in Levels

Boosters you can use while playing levels in Candy Crush Saga.
Screenshot of Candy Crush Friends Saga Android game.

About Boosters You Use in Levels

This group of boosters is used in levels. These boosters are very rare.

Free Switch Boosters

A Candy Crush free switch booster.
Screenshot of Candy Crush Friends Saga Android game.

The free switch booster lets you move any candy on a board once. If you make a match, this is a free move.

I often save this booster for the last few moves in levels. I might use this booster earlier if it helps me beat a level. Sometimes it is good a use a free switch to create a color bomb.

This booster is somewhat rare. So I won’t use it unless I feel it will help me beat a level.

Lollipop Hammer Booster

This booster lets you hit one thing on the board. The hammer will remove one candy or hit a blocker once.

I use this booster and free switches the same way. Often sometimes using both and as many as needed to beat levels. Often I will use lollipop hammers to finish levels. If I need to remove one or two more pieces of jelly and I will run out of moves.

Party Booster

The party booster clears the game board. The booster also throws in some special candies that activate as well.

I have used this booster a few times, and it is amazing. It is hard to get for free, though. I would only use it as a last resort.

Striped Brush Booster

A striped brush booster.
Screenshot of Candy Crush Friends Saga Android game.

This booster lets you turn any candy into a striped special candy.

This booster is weak. You can make plenty of striped candies. I feel free switch and lollipop hammers are more useful.

You do get this booster for free sometimes. So I suppose it has its uses. Whenever you want or need a striped candy, use this booster to make one.

UFO Boosters

When used this booster will create and drop wrapped candies.

This booster is quite helpful but it is more rare to get for free. I feel if I were to use gold to buy a booster I probably buy this one.

Are Boosters Needed to Beat Levels?

Most levels don’t require boosters. People seem to have a huge amount of pride in beating levels without boosters.

Some of the hardest levels in the past have required boosters. Also, some of the hardest levels in the game are difficult without them. I can’t comment too much on this. I am not too far into the game.

When I wrote this post, I had only beaten about 2000 levels. The game now has over 10000 levels!

From my own experience, few levels felt like they needed boosters to win. If I did have to use boosters, I always used whatever I got for free.