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Angry Birds Pop Review

The Angry Birds Pop review featured image.

Review Information

Angry Birds Pop is a bubble shooter match three game. You shoot bubbles to pop them and to complete levels.

I played the game for three days for this review. But I have played this game off and on for a long time. I was on level 158 at the top of this review. I play Angry Birds Pop on my LG V20 Android smartphone.

Gameplay Review

Angry Birds Pop Is Very Fun to Play

The game is very fun to play. I like that there are multiple types of levels you can play. The variety keeps things fresh and each level feels different from each other.

The game also introduces new concepts as you progress In the game so things don’t feel stale.

The Angry Birds Pop world map.
Screenshot of Angry Birds Pop Android game.

The Different Characters Are Good

The different characters are fun to play and I like using the powerups they create.

When you pop enough bubbles consecutively you get to user an unique character specific bubble. It is fun to make and use these powerups.

The Game Has Good Events

The game has nice events. These events allow you to earn powerups and boosters and other neat rewards. The game also has quests you can complete often.

Presentation Review

How the Game Looks

Angry Birds Pop looks good. I like the colorful art style and it stands out. The animations also look great. Each bird has their own animations and it shows their personality.

Angry Birds Pop level 158. You need to pop bubbles to free birds.
Screenshot of Angry Birds Pop Android game.

Angry Birds Pop Sounds Amazing!

I love the music in Angry Birds Pop! The game has some of my favorite music found in any Android game! I love the upbeat music and the level completion song is my favorite.

Smiling AndroidGamingFox
I love the music in Angry Birds Pop!

The songs fit the themes of each character well. I like that each character gets an unique theme and this makes things much more interesting. The sounds in the game are nice as well and everything sounds good.

How Does This Game Get You to Spend Money?

The Game Sells a Currency

Angry Birds Pop has the usual stuff you see in free to pay mobile games. You can buy coins and you can use this coins to buy powerups.

The Angry Birds Pop gold store. There are multiple purchase options.
Screenshot of Angry Birds Pop Android game.

Is This Game Fair for People Who Don’t Spend Money?

This system is very fair and the levels can be completed without these boosters.

Annoyance Level Review

Angry Birds Pop has a life timer like most free to play match three games. Waiting or extra lives is annoying. You can read what I think about life timers by reading this very detailed blog post.

My Overall Thoughts on Angry Birds Pop

Angry Birds Pop is one of my favorite Google Play games and it is Amazing to play. I especially love the music.

Do I Recommend Angry Birds Pop?

Yes. Angry Birds Pop s a fun bubble shooter if you like that sort of thing and it is also a good Angry Birds game if you like those characters.

Will I Play Angry Birds Pop After Reviewing It?

Yes. While I don’t play the game too often I do still play it.