Angry Birds Match Review

Matching with the Angry Birds!

Angry Birds Match is the seventh game reviewed in the Keep it or Delete it Series. Angry Birds Match is a match three puzzle game.

I have played this game for months. I have not played it too much until recently. I play this game on my LG V20 Android smartphone. At the time of this review, I was on level 91.

I Love the Angry Birds

I love Angry Birds, and I have always loved these characters. I found the original concept of the characters interesting. These are birds become so angry at the green pigs that they fling themselves at them in revenge.

I still remember the original introduction video from the first Angry Birds game. I love both Angry Birds movies. I also watched a lot of the short Angry Birds cartoons as well.

Red is my favorite Angry Bird. I feel I can relate this character, and it is one of my favorite video game characters periods.

I love Angry Birds themed games, and I tend to prefer puzzle games. Ironically I am not a fan of the original games. I thought they were neat at the time, but I never got too far in any of them.

I used to play Angry Birds Friends often for a while, though.

Gameplay Review

About the Game

How You Play the Game

Angry Birds Match is your typical match three games. You solve multiple types of levels with different goals. You have so many levels to complete the goal at the level before you lose.

You beat these levels by making matches and creating the Angry Birds characters as powerups and using them.

I enjoy solving the puzzles in this game. So far, they seem pretty easy, but I perhaps not played enough to get to very hard levels.

The Main Characters in This Game

The main characters in this game are not Red and his friends as usual but a bunch of chicks. These are the characters that show up on the world map, and you see them often in events.

They laugh and giggle when you beat levels, and they walk around.

I prefer the original Angry Birds characters, but they are OK. You only see them on the world map, so you pretty much ignore them.A huge part of the game is collecting outfits for the birds.

You get a bigger bonus at the end of levels when you have collected more outfits.

Game Events

Now this game has events! There are so many events in this game, and they all have great rewards. Other developers take note. This is how you reward your frequent players well.

The events are fun and worthwhile to do. I sometimes spent more time playing event levels than the normal levels!

Presentation Review

How the Game Looks

The game looks neat. Each section of the game is a unique area. This gives you the impression you are traveling around the world. I already mentioned I feel pretty meh about the chicks.

They look neat, though, and you can see the outfits on them well.

The matching pieces are nice. They seems a bit random, though. I am not sure what the theme here is. I guess the game is going for a summer theme?

One Small Funny Thing About the Game

The fact that there are multiple of the same character puzzles me. Of course, we could easily dismiss this as a video game mechanic and nothing more.

But they could also be the same characters from different dimensions! Maybe they are clones!

If any developers are reading this and would to explain this paradox, please reach out to me!

How the Game Sounds

The game has very fun and playful sounds, and the sounds fit the theme of the game very well.

I like the music in Angry Birds Match, and the music fits the playful nature of the game as well. There are multiple music tracks, and I love this.

Even games with amazing music are limited if they only have one or two songs in the whole game.

One of the cool things about this game is that the music is dynamic. It changes as you progress in levels.

This is one the neatest things ever, and I wish more games would put in the effort to have something like this in them.

One of the cool things about this game is that the music is dynamic. It changes as you progress in levels. This is one of the neatest things ever, and

I wish more games would put in the effort to have something like this in them.

Spending Factor Review

Angry Birds Match has a premium currency as most free to play mobile games do. You can use these gems for many things and it what you would expect if you play any free to play games.

This game is very fair about giving away free boosters and gems. So much so I never have felt like I am missing out. The game doesn’t feel so hard that I can’t beat levels either.

I know I risk sounding a bit elitist here, but I wonder who buy gems. Maybe some people want to power through the whole game in one weekend or something.

Annoyance Level Review

There Are No Ads

The game does not show any ads! A lot of mobile games show ads, so is it great to find the ones that don’t. Or at games that at least politely show ads.

Life Timers Still Are Bad

I would go on another rant about why games with life timers are annoying, but I think I wrote a pretty conclusive rant in my Panda Pop Review. I don’t think I will be able to to that one.

Life timers are annoying, and everybody knows they are annoying. Please stop doing this.

Popup Overload

The game has a bit of a popup issue. When I started the game after a while, the game showed me all the events that currently were active. I rather read this information at my own pace.

But this only happened once, so I guess it was not too bad.

Overall Thoughts on Angry Birds Match

Angry Birds Match is a great match three games and is a good example of how a match three game should be made. The game is not perfect. But it is one of the better mobile games I have played.

A 5 star review makes the AndroidGamingFox extremely happy to have played this game!

Will I Keep on Playing Angry Birds Match?

I love Angry Bird,and this is one of my favorite match three games. So you bet I will keep on playing this game! Keep it!

Do I Recommend This Game?

Unless for some reason, you have a deep hatred of all things related to the Angry Birds, then yes. This a good match three game, and it does not have ads.