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Another Month of Blogging on AndroidGamingFox!

I did not write a huge amount of content in April for AndroidGamingFox, but I did write a few reviews and a guide this month. I had promised some developers I would look at their games, and I focused on writing that content.

Snowy Day Review

I reviewed the game Snowy Day. The developer asked me to review the game on Twitter. I thought the game was a neat idea but needed a lot of work.

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Mirrors Review

The developer of Mirrors sent me an email informing me of the game and asking me if I wanted to write about it on AndroidGamingFox. I decided I would write about this game and I wrote a review. I enjoyed the game, but I found the game was very hard. The developer told me people told them the game was easy.

Mirrors Game Logo

Zynga Poker Spin and Win Guide

I wrote a guide for Zynga Poker this month. I was playing Spin and Win and, so I thought that writing a guide would be a good idea.

What I Plan on Doing Next Month on AndroidGamingFox

Aldarix the Battlemage Review

I plan on finishing up my review of Aldarix the Battlemage. I was originally going to finish this review this month, but my schedule didn’t allow it. It will be complete in early June.

Spell Blitz Review on AndroidGamingFox

Spell Blitz is a game I recently found out about, and I loved playing it. I decided I will write a review of the game.

Poker Heat and WSOP Event Posts

The events in Poker Heat and WSOP are very fun to play. I decided I was going to write posts ranking the events and comparing the events in both games. I wanted to try writing different types of content, and these kinds of posts are easy to write. If they do well, I will write more similar posts

I Am Going to Focus on Games I Have Already Played

Instead of trying new games and reviewing them, I am going to write reviews of games I already like or have played for a while. My logic here is that I will be able to write much more detailed reviews. Some Android games I have played for years, and I have a lot of thoughts and opinions about them. If a developer contacts me, I will still consider trying their game though. This will not change.

Stuff You Might Not Care About but I Am Going to Write About Anyway

I had slightly over 3000 sessions this month. This is great as I love to see my website grow as I slowly get more daily views.

I am currently in the process of switching ad networks. Things for going OK with AdSense but I am looking for alternatives while I have less traffic.

I am doing some research now. Meanwhile, my website will be ad-free. I am sure the random viewers will love this. But don’t worry. There will be more annoying ads soon enough! Once I find a network that meets my needs.