AndroidGamingFox March 2019 Blog Update Post

Android Gaming Fox

Another Month of Blogging!

In Match 2019 I mostly focused on writing new content. I wrote more posts this month any previews month. I started to get a bit burnt out near the end, so I took a break for the rest of the month. I also had to focus on working online and completing the current college classes I am in.

Blog Posts This Month

I Wrote a Lot of Poker Guides

I really wanted to focus on the poker guides this month. I think this guides will help people win more chips and I enjoy writing them a lot. I have some more to write in the future but I will not write any next month most likely.

Squeelings Review

Squeelings is the game I was contacted about I mentioned in my last blog update post. It was nice to review a game for a developer.

Squeelings App Icon

Future Content

My Next Blog Posts

In April I plan on at least reviewing two Android games. I will probably write at least three posts this month total. I am somewhat more busier than normal so there not be quite as much content as in March.

Videos Put on Hold for Now

I am having a much harder time working with video content than I thought. For now I am putting this project on hold. I do eventually want to make videos for my blog. But I will want to practice and try some other things first before I commit to doing this.

I Joined a Blogger Group

I also recently joined a blogger group. The Blog Mastermind Group. The group feels somewhat smaller but everybody has some interesting things to say. I have received some thoughtful and helpful advice. I am a bit shy about saying too much being a beginner but I join in and chat sometimes.


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