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I Had a Busy June 2019 for Androidgamingfox!

I did a lot of things this month on AndroidGamingFox. This month I wrote a good amount of posts, and I also am working on some other projects as well.

Recent AndroidGamingFox Reviews

Aldarix the Battlemage Review

I finished my review of Aldarix the Battlemage this month. I wrote a review of this game because the developer asked me to.

Everything worked out great, and we both enjoyed the process. Here is the developer’s Twitter account. Here is a link to review.

The game is made by Niodemus P games

Spell Blitz Review

I wrote a review of this game because I enjoyed playing it. I decided I wanted to look at Spell Blitz more critically. Here is a link to review.

Future AndroidGamingFox Review Plans

No Reviews in the Near Future

For the near future, I do not plan on writing any more reviews. This is because there is some other content I need to write first.

I am also going to be pretty busy with my current college class and the part-time job I recently started.

My Installed Games Review Project

The Project Plan

My plan is to review every Android game I have installed on my phone. I will then decide in the review if I want to keep on playing this game or if I will delete it off my phone.

Why I Want to Complete This Project

This is something I need to do anyway. I have too many games on my phone that I don’t really play.

I Plan on Completing This Project in the Future

This should be a fun project for the future. I also will shrink down the list of games I have by deleting the games I never really was going to play anyway.

Game Guides and Posts I Wrote This Month

Poker Content

Most of the content I wrote this month was for the WSOP and Poker Heat Poker games. I tend to cover these two games a lot as I play these poker games often.

WSOP Posts

Poker Heat Posts

Future AndroidGamingFox Content

More Poker Posts

I plan on writing more WSOP and Poker Heat posts. There are still some poker posts I want to write before I move on from poker content.

I also want to write a few more Zynga Poker posts. My most popular post is a guide for this game, so I want to try to write more content for it.

Compassion Posts

One type of post I want to write more often is comparison posts. I will write a post comparing two similar Android games to each other.

I am going to start by comparing my favorite poker games. First, I will compare WSOP, Poker Heat, and Zynga Poker to each other. In the future, I will compare other similar games as well.


While I have not really considered writing lists in the past, I am going to slowly start to add this type of content to my website. For now, I am going to make lists of content from games I already reviewed.

In the future, I might try something different.

Best Fiends Guides

Best Fiends is one of my favorite match three games. I even wrote a review of the game. I plan on writing a group of guides for this game.

Best Fiends Game Icon

Other Game Guides

I am going to try to write guides for games I already reviewed. I have some things in mind.

Other News

No More Quick Questions Posts

I experimented on my blog with a post type I called Quick Questions. I only wrote three of them. Also I noticed these were getting views, but people wanted more information.

I decided I was not going to write very short form content on my blog anymore. The immediate impact was my daily views dropped. But I think when I write a more in-depth guide things will go back up.

I Decided to Stick With Google Adsense Ads

Could Not Find Any Better Ad Provider to Join

I considered other ad providers this month. In the end, I decided to stay with AdSense seeing how I already have an account, and it is in good standing.

Everybody Wants You to Have Thousands of Views

There are some other neat ad options for publishers, but these advertising platforms only want to work with bigger websites. With AdSense, the monthly views don’t matter. At least in being able to show ads it doesn’t.

I know ads are a touchy subject for most people as they can be annoying. I give worse scores to games that show a lot of ads. But it really helps support me by showing these ads.

Most of my traffic is from mobile devices. I paid more attention to making sure the mobile ads looked nice.

I Will Try to Be Conservative With Ads

Anyway, I am not getting rich any time soon. My best earning month was me getting about $20 with AdSense.

I Am Testing AdSense Auto Ads

I am testing auto ads. This is a project by Google that tests different ad placements and tries to adjust them to make publishers more money.

So far things don’t seem that different for me, but I am going to wait a few months first before making any conclusions.

AdSense Auto Ad Types

These ads show anchor and full-screen ads sometimes on mobile. I know these formats are slightly annoying, but at least Google gives users to hide or close these ads in an easy way.

A Guest Post

I recently contacted the owner of Turn Based Lovers, and they agreed to let me write a review for them. This is very exciting for me as this is something I want to do more often.

I will make a post about this review when it is complete, and I will share the website as well.