AndroidGamingFox Blog Update #7 June 2019

I Had a Busy Month!

I did a lot of things this month on AndroidGamingFox. This month I wrote a good amount of posts, and I also am working on some other projects as well.

Recent AndroidGamingFox Reviews

Aldarix the Battlemage Review

I finished my review of Aldarix the Battlemage this month. I wrote a review of this game because the developer asked me to. Everything worked out great, and we both enjoyed the process.

Here is the developer’s Twitter account. Here is a link to review.

Spell Blitz Review

I wrote a review of this game because I enjoyed playing it. I decided I wanted to look at Spell Blitz more critically. Here is a link to review.

Future AndroidGamingFox Review Plans

No Reviews in the Near Future

For the near future, I do not plan on writing any more reviews. This is because there is some other content I need to write first. I am also going to be pretty busy with my current college class and the part-time job I recently started.

My Installed Games Review Project

The Plan

My plan is to review every Android game I have installed on my phone. I will then decide in the review if I want to keep on playing this game or if I will delete it off my phone.

Why I Want to Complete This Project

I have too many games on my phone that I don’t really play. I will shrink down the list of games I have by deleting the games I never really was going to play anyway. I also will review them!


While I have not really considered writing lists in the past, I am going to slowly start to add this type of content to my website.

For now, I am going to make lists of content from games I already reviewed. In the future, I might try something different.

Best Fiends Guides

Best Fiends is one of my favorite match three games. I even wrote a review of the game. I plan on writing a group of guides for this game.

Best Fiends Game Icon

Other Game Guides

I am going to try to write guides for games I already reviewed. I have some things in mind.

Other News

No More Quick Questions Posts

I experimented on my blog with a post type I called Quick Questions. I only wrote three of them. Also I noticed these were getting views, but people wanted more information.

I decided I was not going to write very short form content on my blog anymore. The immediate impact was my daily views dropped. But I think when I write a more in-depth guide things will go back up.

A Guest Post

I recently contacted the owner of Turn Based Lovers, and they agreed to let me write a review for them. This is very exciting for me as this is something I want to do more often.

I will make a post about this review when it is complete, and I will share the website as well.