AndroidGamingFox Blog Update #8 July 2019

I Made a Lot of Internal Changes This Month

New Theme

First, I changed my WordPress theme. I am no longer using the Splash theme I bought. I somewhat regret buying the theme. Too late for that now, I suppose. At least the theme helped me get my website going.

I Am No Longer Using the Review Plugin

I am also no longer using the review plugin, and I regret buying this plugin. First, nobody wrote a review of any games. I am not sure if that is because nobody wanted to or if the plugin did not work.

Either way, it did not add anything meaningful to my blog.

I still will rank games based on certain criteria. But I think I will only display the final rating with the star mascot pictures. The fact is I can convey my message just fine without needing a plugin to do it.

No More Comments

Shoutout to Mr. Positive for making my first and only blog comment. Here is his Twitter profile. Here is his website.

I have decided my blog is to be comment free. Why?

If people want to talk about my posts or my blog, they have ways. I might create a group or community if I ever feel like it will be worth it.

Right now, I feel like I am not losing anything by enforcing silence. Not like people had much to say, to begin with.

I Moved All My Poker Posts to OnlinePokerFox

There is another major thing I did with this blog this month. I moved every poker related post of this blog to my new blog. OnlinePokerFox.

I am now using the power of 301 redirects to move people who click links to one of these now-deleted pages. They will instead visit my new website.

I have a lot planned with this new blog. I love writing about poker, and I want to make many poker-related posts. Moving this content allows for me to focus on video game-related things on AndroidGamingFox.

I Did Not Publish Any Posts This Month

I did not write a single post this month other than this one. Most of my time was spent writing content for my HubPages account. I also began work on making my new blog and transferring over the content.

Turn Based Lovers Guest Post

Turn Based Lovers is a review website like mine, and I asked the website owner for an opportunity to write a guest post. Everything worked out as planned. Here is the link to the review.

I reviewed Slay the Spire as this is one of my favorite Steam games.

What Is the Future of This Blog

TileBreaker Review

I am going to review a game called TileBreaker. This is a game made by BoxFox Games. They asked me to review the game on Twitter, and I agreed to do it. This should be a fun review.

I Am Going to Review Every Game on My Phone

I promised last month I was going to start a project to review every game currently installed on my phone. I still plan on completing this project. I am going to start working on it in August 2019.

The Indie Boost Platform

I have signed up with a platform called Indie Boost. I have not used this platform for anything so far. But in the future, I plan on using to review Android games.

Before I start doing this kind of content, I need to get better at making videos.

Video Content

That is also something I have planned for in the future. I need to stop being shy and make video content. I think this is future of video game reviews and I don’t want to be left behind.

I will ideally make video content and written content.