AndroidGamingFox Blog Update #8 July 2019

I Made a Lot of Internal Changes This Month

New Theme

First, I changed my Wordpress theme. I am no longer using the Splash theme I bought. I somewhat regret buying the theme. Too late for that now, I suppose. At least the theme helped me get my website going.

Now I am not using the Hello theme. This theme is much lighter, so everything should load faster. I am making my web pages with Elementor now.

I Am No Longer Using the Review Plugin

I am also no longer using the review plugin, and I regret buying this plugin. First, nobody wrote a review of any games. I am not sure if that is because nobody wanted to or if the plugin did not work.

Either way, it did not add anything meaningful to my blog.

I still will rank games based on certain criteria. But I think I will only display the final rating with the star mascot pictures. The fact is I can convey my message just fine without needing a plugin to do it.

Second, this plugin forced me to write with a custom WordPress post format. I did not like this, and it felt very weird. It forced me to use the older WordPress editor.

I like using the Guttenberg editor now. The older WordPress editor feels strange to use now.

I am now writing every post with Guttenberg, and this feels like an improvement. I converted all my current reviews with a plugin, and now everything is the same format.

As a user, not much will look different, I suppose. But it means a lot to me.

No More Comments

Shoutout to Mr. Positive for making my first and only blog comment. Here is his Twitter profile. Here is his website.

This one might also be a controversial decision. I have decided my blog is to be comment free. Why?

If people want to talk about my posts or my blog, they have ways. I might create a group or community if I ever feel like it will be worth it. Right now, I feel like I am not losing anything by enforcing silence.

Not like people had much to say, to begin with.

I Deleted All Registered Users

I have decided that there is no real reason to register for my blog. You will not get anything out of it. I don’t want people to give me their emails for no reason. Holding personal information like this complicates things for me.

So I deleted all registered users, and I am now blocking new registrations. Again there was no real reason to do it. If I do decide to create a newsletter, I will let my users know in the future.

I Am Now Using Cloudflare as My CDN

If you somehow are still reading this, then I am happy to let you know I am now using the Cloudflare CDN. I have heard a lot of good things about it. I am hoping this will speed things up for my readers.

I Moved All My Poker Posts to OnlinePokerFox

There is another major thing I did with this blog this month. I moved every poker related post of this blog to my new blog. OnlinePokerFox.

I am now using the power of 301 redirects to move people who click links to one of these now-deleted pages. They will instead visit my new website.

I have a lot planned with this new blog. I love writing about poker, and I want to make many poker-related posts. Moving this content allows for me to focus on video game-related things on AndroidGamingFox.

I also was getting some real gambling-related offers that I don’t want to be mixed in with my gaming posts. I will accept such offers on my new website, though.

I Did Not Publish Any Posts This Month

I did not write a single post this month other than this one. Most of my time was spent writing content for my HubPages profile. I also began work on making my new blog and transferring over the content.

Turn Based Lovers Guest Post

Turn Based Lovers is a review website like mine, and I asked the website owner for an opportunity to write a guest post. Everything worked out as planned.

Here is the link to the review. I reviewed Slay the Spire as this is one of my favorite Steam games.

What Is the Future of This Blog

TileBreaker Review

I am going to review a game called TileBreaker. This is a game made by BoxFox Games. They asked me to review the game on Twitter, and I agreed to do it. This should be a fun review.

I Am Going to Review Every Game on My Phone

I promised last month I was going to start a project to review every game currently installed on my phone. I still plan on completing this project. I am going to start working on it in August 2019.

The Indie Boost Platform

I have signed up with a platform called Indie Boost. I have not used this platform for anything so far. But in the future, I plan on using to review Android games.

Before I start doing this kind of content, I need to get better at making videos.

Video Content

That is also something I have planned for in the future. I need to stop being shy and make video content. I think this is future of video game reviews and I don’t want to be left behind.

I will ideally make video content and written content.