Angry AndroidGamingFox

AndroidGamingFox Blog Update #2 January 2019

A Quiet January for AndroidGamingFox

In my last AndroidGamingFox blog update post I said I would be taking a break from writing new content for my blog. I have been working on other writing projects, and I am also currently taking two college classes.

Big Mistake

I Deleted My Documents Folder on Accident

In what may be one of the biggest computer related mistakes I ever made I accidentally deleted the contents of my entire documents folder. Don’t ask how. Too ashamed and humiliated to talk about it.

This was a huge setback, and now I need to back up all my blog posts again. This has caused much frustration and anxiety this past month.

Annoyed AndroidGamingFox

I Need to Make More Frequent Backups

You might wonder why I did not restore everything from a backup? I forgot to back things up. It was something I kept on saying I would do in the future.

I learned my lesson the hard way. I will keep all my documents backed up from now on a weekly basis.

Quality Control Check

I Will Update My Posts and Reviews

Since I need to copy and paste my articles to back them up, I am going to do a site-wide quality check. I will try my best to find grammar issues and fix them.

This Will Take a While

Completing this task will take some time though. But I want to make my blog look as good as I can get it. I care about my older content being the best it can be for people who read it.

Future Blog Content

Cookie Cats Review

I am still going to review Cookie Cats as planned. I deleted the review text I had completed. So, I must rewrite the whole thing again. I will do it of course.

Other Content

I had a document that I used to plan my future blog posts. I deleted this document in the big documents folder mistake. I will rewrite it and plan again. There will be future reviews and future blog posts.

AndroidGamingFox Social Media Plan


I Tweet Often

Twitter will be my main social media outlet. I know I have not tweeted too often recently, but I plan on being more active in the upcoming months.

AndroidGamingFox Twitter Account Picture

I Also Tweet on My Personal Account

I have been more active on my personal account. As I am trying to keep things related to my blog separate as I tweet about many other things on there.

Other AndroidGamingFox Social Media Platforms

I will focus most of my efforts into my tweets, but there are other platforms I will use as well. I have a Reddit account for my blog. I also have some Pinterest boards.