AndroidGamingFox Blog Update #13 December 2019

What I Did This Month on My Blog

I did a lot this month on my blog. I started by writing three new game reviews. These are reviews in my Keep it or Delete it Review Series.

December 2019 Reviews

  1. Puzzledom Review
  2. Minesweeper Collector Review
  3. Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga Review

I Made a Lot Changes to My Blog This Month

I changed many details and backend things on my website.

I also made some changes to my game reviews. I now have a much more detailed review explanation page.

I did this so people can better understand how I write reviews. I also went and edited every single review I written to reflect these changes.

Unfortunately, these types of changes tend to be very time consuming, and I did not have any time to write any new game reviews.

This took most of the month, and I had to put my future plans on hold.

Honestly afterward I was a bit burnt out and tired of looking at old blog posts. So I decided to take a break from things for a few weeks

What I Plan on Doing Next?

I will finish my Keep it or Delete Series. I have ten more games I new to review.

Future Keep It or Delete It Reviews

  1. Magic Puzzles
  2. RCT Classic
  3. Juice Jam
  4. Farm Heros Saga
  5. Candy Crush Saga
  6. Candy Crush Soda Saga
  7. Cookie Cats Pop
  8. Cookie Cats Blast
  9. Classic Words Plus
  10. Infinite Word Search

What About After That?

I am still thinking about what to do once I am finished with these reviews.

I know by now if you read of these posts, I must sound insane by now. But I really will make some video content for my blog.

I know I am like the laziest person on earth about this, but I do have some things planned.