AndroidGamingFox Blog Update #12 November 2019

A Whole Year of AndroidGamingFox

AndroidGamingFox turned a year old in September. I forgot about this milestone, and I figured I would wait to bring it up sometime in the future.

My twelfth update post seems like a good time to do so. Yes, it has been over a year since I started this website.

My goal was to write game reviews and guides. Well, right now, I have over 20 reviews and only one guide.

To be fair, some of the things I originally wrote I moved to OnlinePokerFox. I wanted a separate website to share my poker content.

Also, I changed some things like my WordPress theme and some important plugins. This all took a lot of time.

I look forward to another fun year of Android gaming!

Blog Posts Made in November

I Made a Lot of Progress This Month

I wrote a total of ten posts this month, and I had a very productive month of blogging! I finally made huge progress towards my Keep it or Delete Review Series.

Games I Reviewed in November

An Opinion Piece

I also wrote a post about what I think about life timers in mobile games. I am curious to see how this post does as I may write more posts like it in the future. Why Life Timers in Mobile Games Are Annoying

Video Progress

I am probably overthinking things, but I want my first video to the best it can be. Even if making it takes a long time. I think I sound awkward and make a lot of weird pauses in my audio recordings.

My Social Media Accounts

I am starting to be more active on all of my social media accounts. I try to have something posted most days, even if it is just a quick fact or random thought. If you have some time, take a look.

What is next for AndroidGamingFox?

More Keep It or Delete It Reviews

These posts are very fun to write. Sometimes taking a second look at a game makes me realize how much I like it.

I have a total of 25 games to review. So far, I have reviewed 12 of them. Finishing up the Keep or Delete it series will take some time.

Most likely, this will be the only blogging thing I do next month. But I want to finish this first before starting any other major projects.

Review Games Made by Twitter Followers

I want to review some of the games made by the people I follow on Twitter. This is something I have thought about doing since I made this blog.

Some of the people I follow on Twitter are great, and I want to support their cause and game development with reviews.

Wishlist Game Reviews

I have some games saved my Google Play wishlist I wanted to take a look at.

In a lot of cases, I wishlist games if they look good after seeing a video trailer. I also wishlist things that look cool when I am browsing Google Play.

I might as well review these games after giving them a try for about a week or so.

Google Play Top Free Games Chart Idea

I am thinking about reviewing the top free to play games on Google Play. I will use the data provided by Google to pick what games to review. I use the top free games chart that is found on the store.

I started my reviews doing this. My reviews of Happy Glass, Hello Stars, Word Link, and Helix Jump where because at that time they were the top four games on the chart.

I am going to need to pick some data set from the chart and go with it. I might do the top 20 games or something like that.

Requested Reviews

Taking review requests and playing games is something I wanted to do since I made the website. I have done this multiple times by now.

Since my review of Tile Breaker, only a few people have shown much interest in having their games reviewed by me. This is somewhat expected.

The hard part is deciding when to stop what I am currently doing and plan time to play the requested games and review them.

I suppose will I prioritize review requests most of the time as I want to help developers. I am putting off requests for about a month. I want to focus on my current project first.

Game Guides

Yes, I will eventually get to writing game guides. Right now, I am focusing on writing reviews because of my current post series, and because they feel good to write.

Other Post Ideas

If I do write posts like this, it will be supplemental to my reviews and game guides. My main focus will always be game reviews. What other types of content I will make is something I am still figuring out.