AndroidGamingFox Blog Update #5 April 2019

What I Did on AndroidGamingFox This Month?

I am going to need to be honest about this situation. Not much blogging was done this month on AndroidGamingFox.

There multiple reasons why I wrote so little. Laziness, being busy with school work, working online, etc. I did complete one review this month though.

My Meow Match Review

I reviewed a match three game called Meow Match. I wanted to learn more about this game, so I played it for a while and then wrote a review for AndroidGamingFox.

Meow Match App Icon

My Future Plans for AndroidGamingFox

I have three games I have planned to review in May. These are games developers shared with me so I am going prioritize looking at these games first.

I want to write many game guides and reviews for my blog. I plan on focusing on writing many poker game guides, but I have other guides planned as well.

Feel Free to Contact Me About Games

I am happy to cover an Android game for developers. Just shoot me an email after reading my Contact Me page. I can’t promise I will give overly positive coverage, but I will give my honest opinion on your game.

My Twitter Account

You can find AndroidGamingFox on Twitter here.