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Squeelings Review

Squeelings Is a Game About Making Creatures Happy Squeelings is a puzzle game about cheering up tiny creatures. I am going to express my thoughts on the game by reviewing it. Review Disclosure The developer of Squeelings contacted me by email. They wrote me a nice thoughtful email, …

Zynga Poker Review

About Zynga Poker Zynga Poker is a popular online Texas hold ‘em game that many people play. I am going to explain thoughts on this game by reviewing it. Zynga Poker Review Information I have played Zynga Poker for over five years, and it is one of the …

Cookie Cats Review

A Game About Singing Cats Cookie Cats is one of three games by Tactile Games about a group of singing cats. All three games are match three games. I am going to review the first game. Cookie Cats. Cookie Cats Review Information I have played Cookie Cats for …